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Thread: My Nokia BH-302 review:

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    My Nokia BH-302 review:

    I've been demoing the Nokia BH-302 now with a suite of other nokia accessories and my Nokia 5300. This review is the first one out of the gate:

    The Nokia BH-302 is clearly a fashion headset, designed to blend well with the fashion series, like the 7300 series for example

    The Bh-302 is a decent, basic, headset. ANd while the style and looks aren't in my flavour the headset itself performed admirably so lets cover the basics:

    Quick Specs
    *The BH-302 is a Class 2 (30ft 10 meteres) BT headset
    *Bluetooth 2.0 with the EDR Profile
    *10 hours talk / 195 standby
    * 2 different colour decorations (1 in package)
    *packaged with HB-302 and Nokia genuine AC-3U charger

    The EDR Profile is basically a new codec that handles error correction better as well as providing a more robust connection to the handset for improved quality on the headset to handset connection. It also provides lower power consumption and faster throughput (200+k from PC to 5300 on many transfers!)

    Sound Quality

    The incoming sound quality on the BH-302 is decent. It's not loud enough for my liking though. It feels on par with the moto series like the HS500, for example.

    The outgoing audio actually surprised me. I figured for a basic headset with no DSP (as per the box specs) it would be the usual. However, the BH-302 worked quite well inside and outside. I had a few conversations testing it out by going ouside by Yonge street and had no complaints. I even stood over the Air Conditioning fan (while turned on) and the caller could still hear me clearly. However, like i mentioned earlier, since it's not loud enough for my liking when i stood over the fan i had to press the headset in to make out what my caller was saying. However, that's an extreme test and i don't forsee any of you guys actually standing in fans when on a call.

    Battery life
    The Battery life on the BH-302 is a claimed 10 hours and 195 standby
    I was easily able to get 2 full days of talk and standby time withouy any complaints

    LIke most standard headsets, the unit lights blue steady while charging, and will go out when complete.

    The BH-302 uses the new nokia standard for charging. The smaller barrel pin.
    In the box the AC-3U is included as well which is nice. If you already have newer nokia phone (6103 + ) you'll already be using the newer smaller barrel charger anyway. This will just give you another one to take to the office or the cottage, or keep both at home for charging the handset and headset.

    I was able to have the unit fully charged from completely drained in ~2 hours.

    Size Weight
    The BH-302 isn't large, and it isn't tiny. It's about average in terms of size in the headset realm. It's pretty comfortable to wear for prolonged periods and didn't irratate me while wearing it.

    The BH-302 has the ability to be worn on either ear, of course, and have a very secure arm and swivel system

    The BH-302 is a decent little headset. While the style isn't exactly my taste it works well and provides a positive headset experience. the MSRP of $89.99 is an average price and you can easily find it cheaper i'm sure

    Sound quality was quite good on the outgoing call and a bit low on the incomnig call. Battery life easily attains what Nokia claims as well

    *Battery life
    *Outgoing call quality
    *Nokia charging connector
    *Fit on the ear
    *EDR and BT 2.0 support

    *Appearance (fashion oriented)
    *incoming call volume
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    I'm thinking that Nokia is using the term "fashion" lightly... this seems to be aimed at the female consumers... I have a couple of skanky girlfriends that could pull off this look, but If I ever saw one of my boyz sporting this thing I'd be surprised If I did not smack 'em upside the head...

    correct me if I am wrong but @ 14-15g mass, I'm guessing that the "gold" is made out of thin painted plastic, giving it that oh so cheap look...

    you know, if it was all black and the gold was limited to the flame design, it would not be half bad...
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    looks like a giant gold bullet from the outside.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JwY
    looks like a giant gold bullet from the outside.
    Lol, that'd nicely match a gold tooth.
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    Looks like something outta Stargate One.
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