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    Siemens S55/56 Wap Settings

    Many of you have asked questions on WAP Settings for the s55.
    Justask has done a great job writing a detailed explanation on it and I wanted to share it all with you for easy reference....
    just replace the TMobile settings with your own providers. If you don't know your providers settings go to your providers forum here on HoFo. They should be posted in the faq or stickied on the main page.

    Siemens S55 (T-Mobile) setup for GPRS WAP MMS HTTP & JAVA
    All this information can be found on various sites and boards. Putting it in one place just makes more sense. Hopefully it will help our technically challenged friends in setting up a new, unlocked Siemens S55 (or possibly any other phone).

    Instructions are for T-Mobile customers in the USA. You must have a T-Zones account for Internet (GPRS) and you should have registered your account at "My T-Mobile". The settings focus on GPRS data movement which is much different than Internet via CSD (not included here). The steps are laid out in an interdependent order (enter carefully to avoid mistakes and don't skip around the order). If you already have some settings, clear them or create as new profile for each step. Some profiles (such as WAP and the Browser Profile) have required names that must be uniform for proper T-Mobile access.

    To make this post as short as possible, menu shortcuts were used. Press the 'MENU' softkey once, then follow with the series of numbers indicated to get the proper menu for each setting.

    1. Create a GPRS (WAP) Profile: (MENU-9-6-5)
    > Data Services/MMS, Wap
    -- Create a profile here, name it "GPRS"
    -- GPRS settings: (should be checked)
    ---- APN =
    ---- Login name & Password left blank

    2. Create a secondary GPRS (Mail) Profile: (MENU-9-6-5)
    > Data Services/Mail, Java, Rms
    -- Create a profile here, name it "T-Mobile"
    -- GPRS settings: (should be checked)
    ---- APN =
    ---- Login name & Password left blank
    ---- DNS settings left blank

    3. Create/Activate MMS Profile: (MENU-5-scroll to 'Msg. setup'-2)
    -- Create a profile here, name it "T-Mobile"
    -- Change 'MMS relaysrv.' settings:
    ---- Relaysrv.-URL =
    -- Change 'IP settings':
    ---- IP Settings =
    ---- Port = 9201
    ---- Secondary IP left blank
    -- Change 'Conn. profile':
    ---- Connection Profile = "GPRS"

    4. Setup/Activate WAP browser: (MENU-3-1)
    -- Scroll to 'Profiles'
    -- Create a profile here, name it "T-Zones"
    -- IP Address =
    -- Port = 9201
    -- Homepage =
    -- Connection Profile = leave blank, or choose an empty profile

    Assuming you've followed the correct order of steps, you should now have GPRS internet connectivity. To activate MMS service you need to create a new MMS message and send it to any email address. If it is able to send that MMS without error, then send another MMS message to your own wireless number (remember to use the international dial prefix for SMS and MMS messages - it's +1 for USA). You should get a notification on your phone of a new MMS message, but probably won't be able to successfully retreive it for a while. It can take up to 24 hours to activate your GPRS (MMS/SMS) bucket so just keep trying.

    Now about that email client built into the phone...There is some conflicting information about whether or not it's supported on the T-Mobile network. I can tell you it is supported and does work, because I've been using it for some time on my Pocket PC. If you'd like to use it via GPRS, here's how to set it up (note: For corporate or MS Exchange users, you'll need a 'T-Zones Pro' - $9.99/mth account).

    1. Login to the "My T-Mobile" website and click on 'Communication' then 'My Email Mobile Access' and configure the email account you'd like to use. Once configured, check to insure you can access it from within the T-Mobile website's internal webmail viewer. On the left under 'Configured Mailboxes' you'll see the account you created and some settings options. Click on 'Options' and set your time zone, then click 'POP Settings' and print the page.

    2. On your S55 handset do this...
    (BTW: These settings are dependent on the profiles you set up above - if you didn't get that right, then don't bother trying this.)

    Create a GPRS Email Profile (MENU-5-scroll to 'Msg. setup'-3)
    > E-mail/Setup
    -- Under 'Accounts' create a profile, name it "T-Mobile Email"
    -- Change 'User settings'
    ---- Provider "T-Mobile"
    ---- 'User Name' = The name you want people to see in the "From:" field of your email
    ---- 'E-mail addr.' = The email address of the account you setup on T-Mobile website
    ---- 'Reply-t. addr' = The email address you want people to use when replying to your email
    ---- 'User ID' = The User ID you obtained from the T-Mobile website (should be formed - 1234567890:[email protected])
    ---- 'Password' = The password you normally use to access the mailbox you are setting up
    -- Under 'Mail settings' set the options you want for downloading mail, etc.
    ---- 'Types' = The type of email account you use (use POP3 in this example)
    ---- 'POP3 server' = The information you obtained from the T-Mobile website
    ---- 'SMTP server' = The information you obtained from the T-Mobile website

    Note: SMTP Authentication must be activated on your phone for outbound mail to work. This is regardless of whether it's required by your email account provider or not. Set it to authenticate using the password normally required to access the mailbox you are setting up (unless your email provider requires a different SMTP authentication password).

    You now have access to your email using the phone's internal email client. To test, send yourself a test email from the phone (MENU-5-3). Wait a few minutes for the email to filter into the T-Mobile system, then send/receive from your phone (MENU-5-4-4).

    If you want JAVA to work properly, you need to set the HTTP Profile...

    Change the JAVA HTTP Profile (MENU-9-6-6)
    -- Provider = "T-Mobile"
    -- Linger time = 300
    -- Proxy deactive = YES
    -- All other settings left blank

    Your now free to install and run JAVA midlets. Test it by installing one of the free JAVA files from the Siemens CD or website into the Java/JAM filesystem of your phone. Press the softkey under 'Install' when prompted on the screen. It should connect to the GPRS server and collect the information needed to run your JAVA file.

    Hope that helps you setup your phone properly...
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