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Thread: Dash - Phone Outlook Issues

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    Dash - Phone Outlook Issues

    Ok so my Dash syncs fine with office.. contacts etc. All of my outlook emails transfer to the Outlook on my phone. When I disconnect the phone I cant send or receive emails through Dash Outlook (option is grayed out). I can setup my email on the Dash via POP3 and it works fine.. but then it will not sync with Outlook on my PC (at least I dont think so). How can I send emails on my phone then when I sync to my PC that email shows up in the sent box on the PC as well?

    I have no idea what the point of phone email is if it will not sync up with Outlook later. I dont want to make a bunch of emails on my phone then not be able to have a copy on my PC!

    My email is one I made up for my own domain.. just basic pop3.

    Any help appreciated.
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