I flashed an old v3m my friend gave to me, using Mark Venture's Monster2. I performed the edits to my Radiocomm seem backup, but to no avail, so I used my HA and whatever the other shared secret is at the end. EVDO data was working fine, everything was working. Then, all of a sudden, my Get it Now stopped working, saying "Unable to retrieve catalog. Please Try again later. (3332.)" I tried mobile web, and it stated that my Websessions were not set up. I was like wtf, because it was working before, and I knew I had websessions, because I had to configure my MMS to use the second websession. I #073887* in to the programming menu, and my websessions are gone. So I used PST, and once more put the 1xBrowser Verizon backup on, and my reconfigured my MMS settings to use it. Everything worked fine, except GIN. I was pissed, but I figured, you win some, you lose some.
The next day, and here's the clutch part, I decided I was going to go for it all. I reapplied the 1xData file, and the BREW file, and TA-DA, my ish is working again. Now, I don't know under what circumstances one earns error 3332, but if your situation is similar, I suggest you try this.