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Thread: xv6700 AKU 2.5, .net 2.0 and WMDC in Vista

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    xv6700 AKU 2.5, .net 2.0 and WMDC in Vista

    Hey folks, this seems to be a pretty there, and hairy topic.

    I have an xv6700 running aku 2.5

    If it's at factory defaults, it will be picked up by the Windows Mobile Device Connector without a problem.

    The MOMENT I add the .net 2.0 package, it works. Removed/reinstalled Still only works if I go back to factory defaults.

    The problem follows the Phone, so when I walk it over to other vista desktops it experiences the same issues.

    I am not 100% convinced the .net 2.0 framework is the cause, however what happens in DEVICE manager is that the Windows Mobile Network Adapter will show up but the Microsoft Usb Sync driver no longer does.

    I have confirmed the workstation works with other xv6700s without the .net 2.0 framework... Anyone see me missing something here?

    I would like to know what steps I can take on the phone to get it back to connecting with my laptop! Thanks!


    There is no USB-TO-PC icon in Connections under settings.
    I have attempted re-setting up the NDIS adapter
    I have followed the Knowledge baser article walking me through removing the device and replacing.

    Thanks for ALL your help in advanced.
    Just your humble Bounty Hunter Ma'am

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    I also want to ask some question about this. But no one replied! Does anyone have any suggestions?