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Thread: Illegitimate extension of contract?

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    Angry Illegitimate extension of contract?

    I switched to sprint from t-mobile in July of 2006 and signed a 2-year contract(my contract should expire in July 2008). Last month I decided to get a new phone. I paid full price for it(no discounts, I didn't qualify). When I purchased it I verified with the salesperson at the Sprint store that I was buying it outright(no contract extensions because I was paying full price).

    I ended up returning the phone within the 30-day return policy at the sprint store. This month I called retentions to see if I could get any discounts for the new blackberry. I was told that I qualified for no discounts and my contract would not expire till July 2009. Wait a second, July 2009? I explained to the rep that I had only signed a 2-year contract in 2006 and that I expected my contract to end in 2008. She then looked into it and told me because I purchased the phone in June(last month), that my contract had been extended. I ended up arguing with her for about 10 minutes about how I paid full retail price for the phone, I had returned it because I didn't like it, and the person at the store said it would NOT renew my contract. She basically said, "too bad".

    This phone call/situation really pissed me off about Sprint. I would like to cancel now because of this and I was wondering if by extending my contract there may be a way to avoid an ETF. I dont know if this qualifies as a breach of contract because I'm not a lawyer. I do believe that extending me another year in this situation is totally bs and is wrong.

    I don't have my receipt in front of me for the phone I purchased and returned, but I do hope that they don't put some fine print in there about extending the contract. If you buy a phone at full retail it shouldn't have any adverse affect on your contract. You are only paying for the hardware.

    Any thoughts?

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    I was told by Sprint that if I bought a new phone at full price then everything will be reset which means I'd have to wait a year until I was elgible for the first rebate. I agree, it does suck!