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Thread: DC-Unlocker for Sierra Wireless, ZTE, Netgear, Huawei modem & hotspsot unlock tool

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    Arrow DC-Unlocker for Sierra Wireless, ZTE, Netgear, Huawei modem & hotspsot unlock tool

    DC unlocker is a program specialized for unlimited modem, hotpsot, router, carFi, WiFi, gateway unlocking and repairing. It is the first universal data card unlocking product worldwide.
    It does not require any cables or adapters for unlocking. The data card can be unlocked using your computer's USB socket or connected by original cable that comes with the device.

    Buy with confidence - we are an official reseller of this product.

    Supported models:

    ZTE MF28B
    ZTE MF28D
    ZTE MF28G
    MF100 BD_BLNUZP671A1V1.0.0B01 (Beeline)
    MF100 Kyivstar
    MF110 BD_P671A2V1.0.2B07 VIETTEL
    MF170 BD_BEELINEP679M1V1.0.0B02 Jul 20 2010 15:47:23 (Beeline Russia)
    MF180 BD_MF180SMARTV1.0.0B01 (SmartBro Philippines)
    MF190 BD_TELMGMF190V1.0.0B01 Mar 23 2012 14:59:46 (Telma Madagascar)
    Vodafone K3570-Z
    Vodafone K3571-Z
    Vodafone K3565-Z
    Vodafone K3520-Z
    AIKO 82D
    MOMO Design [email protected] Mini
    MOMO Design [email protected] PLUS
    ZTE C100
    ZTE Jack 3G
    ZTE E821
    ZTE F102
    ZTE F102i
    ZTE S2x
    ZTE F100
    ZTE F116
    ZTE F950
    ZTE F951
    ZTE F952
    ZTE-U F953/Mimosa
    ZTE F600
    ZTE TMN U122
    ZTE T106
    ZTE F107
    ZTE F930
    ZTE T50
    ZTE T54
    ZTE T95
    ZTE T100 Belorussia Life
    ZTE T203
    ZTE T870
    ZTE GR230
    ZTE G-S202
    ZTE N261
    ZTE Rio II
    ZTE SFR 114
    ZTE SFR 231
    ZTE SFR 232
    ZTE SFR 241
    ZTE SFR 251
    ZTE SFR 261 MSN
    ZTE SFR 342
    ZTE SFR 343
    ZTE Sage
    ZTE X760 T-Mobile Vairy
    ZTE X760 Orange Vegas
    ZTE X990
    ZTE Z221
    ZTE Z331
    ZTE-G N281 Orange Miami
    ZTE-G X760
    ZTE-G X761 Vodadone Indie
    ZTE-G X991 Orange Rio
    ZTE-U F953 Mimosa
    ZTE Vodafone 547
    ZTE Vodadone Indie
    ZTE Racer
    Orange SanFransisco
    ZTE Link
    ZTE Mercury
    ZTE MF8402
    ZTE N61
    ZTE Raise
    ZTE X850
    ZTE Xiang
    Telstra Smart Touch T3020
    TMN BlueBelt I
    TMN BlueBelt II
    TMN SilverBelt
    TMN Soft Stone
    ZTE Orange Tactile Messaging
    Softbank ZTE 003z
    ZTE MF30
    ZTE MF61
    ZTE MF62
    ZTE MF90 Bolt (direct unlocking without flashing)
    ZTE MF91
    ZTE AC30
    Prolink PHS300

    Netgear AirCard 341U
    AirCard 762S
    AirCard 778S
    Netgear Zing

    Merlin U530
    Merlin U630
    Merlin U730
    Merlin U740
    Merlin XU870 (Express card)
    Merlin X950D ExpressCard
    EU740 PCI Express Mini Card
    EU870D Express Mini Card
    Merlin U530
    Merlin U630
    Merlin U730
    Merlin U740
    Merlin XU870 (Express card)
    Expedite EU740 PCI Express Mini Card
    Expedite EU870D Express Mini Card
    Ovation MC545
    Ovation MC547
    Ovation MC679
    Ovation MC930D
    Ovation MC950D
    Ovation MC990D
    Ovation MC998D
    Novatel MiFi 2352
    Novatel MiFi 2372
    Nofatel MiFi 3352
    Verizon Jetpack 4G LTE hotpsot 4627L
    Novatell MiFi 4620L

    Huawei E122
    Huawei E153
    Huawei E166
    Huawei E166G
    Huawei E150
    Huawei E153
    E153 (Tigo Tanzania) 11.609.18.02.787 May 31 2011 15:12:43
    E153 (Tigo Tanzania) 11.609.20.00.787 Apr 08 2011 14:35:47
    E153Eu-1 11.609.18.22.883 Oct 15 2011 11:17:04 (Beeline Uzbekistan)
    E153 11.609.21.01.207 Mar 12 2012 14:33:05 (MTN Sudan)
    E153Eu-1 11.609.18.20.222 Feb 10 2011 11:19:47 (MTS Ukraine)
    E153Eu-1 11.609.18.21.222 Nov 10 2011 10:38:55 (MTS Ukraine)
    E153Eu-1 11.609.18.20.174 Nov 03 2010 10:25:25 (Kyivstar/DJUICE Ukraine)
    E153Eu-1 11.609.18.20.883 Apr 22 2011 15:57:47 (Beeline Uzbekistan)
    E153Eu-1 11.609.18.21.135 Nov 12 2010 10:58:25 (Etisalat Egypt)
    Huawei E173Eu-1 May 28 2011 16:34:43 (XL Indonesia)
    E173Eu-1 Sep 29 2010 17:48:40 (Viettel Vietnam)
    E173Eu-1 Jun 09 2011 10:42:35 (Viettel Vietnam)
    E173Eu-1 May 28 2011 20:08:15 (Mobinil Egypt)
    E173Eu-1 Oct 31 2011 20:14:00 (Mobinil Egypt)
    E173Eu-1 Sep 21 2011 09:29:48 (Kyivstar/DJUICE Ukraine)
    E173Eu-1 Apr 26 2011 21:02:05 (XL Indonesia)
    E173 (Safaricom) Nov 26 2010 13:25:13
    E173 (Vietnamobile) Oct 08 2011 10:56:19
    Huawei E156
    Huawei E156B
    Huawei E156C
    Huawei E156G
    Huawei E157
    Huawei E158
    Huawei E188
    Huawei E160
    Huawei E160G
    Huawei E160X
    Huawei E169
    Huawei E169G
    Huawei E170
    Huawei E171
    Huawei E171 (MTS Russia)
    Huawei E172
    Huawei E173
    E173 (Megafon Russia)
    E173 Feb 21 2012 10:23:35 (Airtel Tanzania)
    E173 Mar 07 2012 19:30:53 (MTN Sudan)
    E173 (SmartBro Philippines)
    E173 Jul 20 2012 16:16:33 (Airtel Nigeria)
    E173 Nov 26 2010 13:25:13 (Safaricom Kenya)
    E173 Jul 20 2012 16:16:33 (Airtel Nigeria)
    E173Bu-1 (Airtel India) (detected as E1731 Aug 13 2012 19:28:09)
    Huawei E173 Jul 18 2011 16:09:24 (Tigo Tanzania)
    Huawei E176
    E177 Nov 30 2011 11:00:57 (Zain Sudan)
    E177 May 23 2012 14:59:08 (Zain Sudan)
    Huawei E180
    Huawei E181
    Huawei E188 Optus Australia
    Huawei E192
    Huawei E219
    Huawei E220
    Huawei E226
    E226 11.310.08.01.46 TELCEL
    Huawei E261
    Huawei E270
    Huawei E271
    Huawei E272
    Huawei E303h
    Huawei E303 HiLink
    Huawei E303
    E303 Jan 04 2012 15:08:51 (Sudani Sudan)
    Huawei E353 HiLink
    Huawei E353
    Huawei E355
    Huawei E357
    Huawei E366
    Huawei E367
    Huawei E368
    Huawei E372
    Huawei E392
    Huawei E397
    Huawei E398
    Huawei E510 TV
    Huawei E585
    Huawei E612
    Huawei E618
    Huawei E620
    Huawei E630
    Huawei E630+
    Huawei E660
    Huawei E800
    Huawei E870
    Huawei E970
    Huawei E1550
    E1550 Kyivstar 11.608.14.11.174 with mixed firmware (11.608.14.15.174 boot)
    E1550 Kyivstar version 11.608.14.11.174
    E1550 IDEA India version 11.608.14.00.356
    E1550 MTS (MTC, version 11.608.14.11.222)
    E1550 MTC version 11.608.14.11.222 with 14.15.222 boot
    Huawei E1553
    Huawei E1556
    E1556 11.609.06.00.46 Aug 29 2009 14:13:00 (Telcom Mexico)
    Huawei E1731
    E1731 Oct 27 2011 11:37:48 (Airtel India)
    Huawei E1732
    E1750 VIETTEL
    Huawei E1750c
    Huawei E1756
    Huawei E1786
    Huawei E1780
    Huawei E1831
    Huawei E2010 football
    Huawei E3121
    Huawei E3131
    Huawei E3231 HiLink
    Huawei E3276
    Huawei E3526 HiLink
    Huawei E5830
    Huawei E583x
    Huawei E5836
    Huawei E5837
    Huawei E270 HSDPA Wireless Gateway
    Huawei E5331 MiFi
    Huawei Vodafone K3520
    Huawei Vodafone K3715
    Huawei Vodafone K2540
    Huawei Vodafone K3565
    Huawei Vodafone K3765
    Huawei Vodafone K3765-Z
    Huawei Vodafone K3770
    Huawei Vodafone K3771
    Huawei Vodafone K3772
    Huawei Vodafone K3806
    Huawei Vodafone Huawei K4505
    Huawei Vodafone K4510
    Huawei Vodafone K4511
    Huawei Vodafone K4605
    Huawei Vodafone K5005
    Huawei EG162
    Huawei EG162G
    Huawei EG602
    Huawei EG602G
    Huawei D01HM
    Huawei D03HW
    Huawei D22HW
    Huawei D12HW
    Huawei D21HW
    Huawei D26HW
    Huawei D31HW
    Huawei Emobile D02HW
    Huawei Emobile D12HW
    Huawei Emobile D21HW
    Huawei Emobile D22HW
    Huawei Emobile D24HW
    Huawei Emobile D31HW
    Huawei UMG181
    Huawei UMG366
    T-Mobile JetTM 2.0
    Huawei UMG1691
    Huawei UMG1831
    Huawei SoftBank 005HW
    Huawei SoftBank AP01HW
    Vodafone R201
    Huawei Vodafone R205
    Vodafone R210
    Huawei E560
    Huawei E585U-82
    Huawei E586
    Huawei E587
    Huawei B593
    Huawei E968
    Huawei E970
    Huawei E5170
    Huawei E5221
    Huawei E5332
    Huawei B115
    Huawei B220
    Huawei B660
    Huawei B683
    Huawei B933
    Huawei B970
    Huawei HW-01C
    Huawei Ascend G300
    Huawei Ascend G301
    Huawei Ascend G312
    Huawei Ascend Y100
    Huawei Ascend Y101
    Huawei Ascend Y200
    Huawei Ascend Y201
    Huawei ETS3160
    Huawei C8150
    Huawei C8500 CDMA
    Huawei C8511 CDMA
    Huawei Buddy
    Huawei Fusion 2
    Huawei Honor
    Huawei Ideos X5
    Huawei T-Mobile myTouch
    Huawei MTS VIVA
    Huawei Neo3100
    Huawei Phoenix
    Huawei F685
    Huawei FC612E
    Huawei FP615H
    Huawei T7200
    Huawei U120
    Huawei U120e
    Huawei 401i
    Huawei U121
    Huawei U1000
    Huawei U1000s
    Huawei U1220s
    Huawei U1250
    Huawei U1251
    Huawei U1270
    Huawei U1280
    Huawei U1285
    Huawei U1310
    Huawei U2800
    Huawei U3205
    Huawei U5110
    Huawei U5900
    Huawei U6150
    Huawei U7510
    Huawei U7510s
    Huawei U7519
    Huawei U7517
    Huawei U8100 Android
    Huawei U8110 T-Mobile Pulse mini Android
    Huawei U8110 Spain Movistar
    Huawei U8107
    Huawei U8109
    Huawei U8120
    Huawei U8160
    Huawei U8180
    Huawei U8185
    Huawei U8186
    Huawei U8220
    Huawei U8230
    Huawei U8350/Orange Barcelona
    Huawei U8510 IDEOS X3
    Huawei U8600
    Huawei U8650
    Huawei U8651
    Huawei U8652
    Huawei U8655
    Huawei U8665
    Huawei U8666
    Huawei U8680
    Huawei U8730
    Huawei U8800
    Huawei U8800 Pro
    Huawei U8815
    Huawei U8816
    Huawei U8860
    Huawei U9105
    Huawei Unite
    Huawei Emobile H12HW
    Huawei MTS 736
    Huawei Plusfon 603i
    Huawei TMN U125
    T-Mobile myTouch
    Vodafone 715
    Vodafone 716
    Vodafone 720
    Vodafone 725
    Vodafone 735
    Vodafone 736
    Vodafone V830
    Vodafone 810
    Vodafone 840 3G Touch
    Vodafone 845 Android
    Vodafone 858 Smart

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