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Thread: Blackberry Curve, Sidekick LX, Iphone, or HTC Tilt???

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    Blackberry Curve, Sidekick LX, Iphone, or HTC Tilt???

    I cannot decide which phone is best for me to get. I'm a working woman, soon to be grad student and I want a phone with internet access (Preferably Wifi). I would also like 3g, but if the phone has wifi, then being able to access a 3g network or edge network isn't really an issue. I want a phone that would allow for scheduling, and have some sort of notes application. I also want a great text messaging device. I would love for my phone to have great web browsing. I want web browsing that is as realistic or as close to pc web browsing, like the iPhone. I also want a phone that is great with all kinds of media, and that isn't locked, or is capable of being hacked. I want to be able to make my own ringtones and transfer videos onto my phone.

    Currently I have a Motorola e815 and I hacked the hell out of it; so I have complete control. I don't want to feel like my next phone will be a downgrade from my current phone. I also want something nice, stylish, grown, and sexy. It can't be too big and bulky. Best of all I want a phone with a great and easy UI. I've played with a BB and it's just too difficult to navigate; there are too many menus within menus. It's annoying. I wanted to get an iPhone, but 8 gigs of space is not enough for all of my music and video files. I heard talk of a 16 gig version coming out around Christmas. Do you think there is any truth to that? I also really wanted the tilt at one point, but I heard that it's big and heavy. Plus At&T data plans are really expensive! I think the curve is sexy, but I hate the UI. The sidekick LX seems like a childish device. Plus the internet is slow (edge) and I'm not sure about the web browsing.

    I want an overall great device that is an upgrade not a downgrade from my e815. I have to choose between these 4 phones. So if you have either of these phones, please tell me about your experience with it. I really need help deciding. Neither of these phones have every feature I want, except the tilt. What feature do you think is worth sacrificing? BTW, I'll be getting a new phone around the first week of November. Thanks.

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    you seem like you already made your decision...

    in any case, if it were me and i had those 4 options, I would immediately narrow it down to the Curve and the Tilt. In my opinion the iPhone is utterly useless until they open the system to 3rd party developers and more importantly be OPEN SOURCE. Sidekick in general in my opinion is a joke, maybe not for the teenagers, but for me, it is useless.

    The Curve is a very nice phone. I really like the features on it. Although navigation is a pain, I really like BB because RIM really supports their phone. They continuously release upgrades (operating system and server side) and on a regularly basis. One of the new things they have added to the newer OS ability to make folders. Makes the menus a lot easier and cleaner.

    I do miss my touch screen from my MDA though, and how much software has been already developed for it. WM devices majority will run older software that was developed for the Windows CE which is great because it means your library for software is endless practically. The only thing I dont miss the instability of the phone. My BlackBerry can stay on for months and never need to be soft-reset, unlike the WM phones.

    If it were me I would probably choose the Tilt at this time. I still do like my Curve, but I rather have a touch screen. Im hoping to see the BB 9xxx series. Hopefully they will give me my touch screen.

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    3 of the same post in 3 different forums!?!? really!?!?

    Tilt is pretty much the only phone that has everything you're looking. You can put an iphone in a tilt but you cant put a tilt in the iphone. As for looks, nothing beats iphone but looks arent everything. iphone is great but there are too many limitions. you're limited to the battery, memory and programs that it comes with. you can pretty much do anything to the tilt except it's physical apparence.

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    Actually 4 posts. Complaining about 8 gigs on a phone? You won't even utilize 8 gigs in a week.

    And incase you didn't know, there is a forum special to compare phones. No need to post 5 threads of the exact same message.

    Windows on my phone? no thanks. Don't even like it on my computers. Still a powerful phone if you like windows. Sidekick is very expensive, and you can't do much. Curve is nice. Iphone is way sexy, and best internet experience hands down. When I visit at&t to play with phones, I usually play wiht the iphone, look at the curve for a minute, then go back to the iphone. So I pick iphone. Something about it is really cool.

    I wish there was a secret iphone that nobody knew about, and it wasn't even called the iphone. I would get it for sure.

    "Is that the iphone?" "Nope" "What is it?" "Don't worry about it" "What can it do?" "This, and this, and that"

    "Is that the iphone?" "Yes " "Nevermind, I'm sick of those already" ""

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    What's your take about going outside the box on your phone choices???

    Taking into account all your needs maybe a good smartphone for you is a Sony Ericsson P1i if you are willing to spend a little more. I have one right now on T-mo and it has been working great. Current list of aps I have on it is:

    Blackberry Connect
    Virtual Radio
    Swiss Manager
    and a bunch more.

    Here are the specs for it so if you decide to add it to your decision making.

    Add useful, fun and powerful applications to your mobile phone to unleash its full potential - GPS-based navigation, critical travel information, Security applications and many more.

    Operating System Symbian
    Dimensions 106 x 55 x 17 mm
    GSM/GPRS GSM 900,GSM 1800, GSM 1900,UMTS 2100
    Bluetooth Yes
    WLAN 802.11b
    Camera 3.2 Megapixel
    Memory Card Slot Memory Stick Micro™ (M2™)

    The Sony Ericsson P1i offers users the efficiency to make keeping in touch and keeping up to date. The Sony Ericsson P1i has a similar form factor to the P990i, and features a touch screen and a QWERTY Keyboard. Use the stylus to navigate the phone menu by touching icons or menu items on the screen. You can input text using the stylus via Handwriting Recognition. If that isn't for you, use the QWERTY keyboard.

    The Symbian™ operating system allows users to view and edit office applications on the move. With 3G you get the download speed you require for every day email on the move. Need more functionality? Download additional applications such as GPS, critical travel information and Security applications. A full list can be found on the Sony Ericsson web site.

    Use 3G technology for quick and easy access to broadband Internet. Use the fast Internet service to make video calls, use audio and video streaming, surf the Internet, send multimedia messages and emails on the go. Truly mobile Internet lets you browse the Web and manage your email effectively with the convenience a mobile handset.

    The P1i is not just a business communicator. Relax after work - Listen to music. Snap a picture with the 3.2 megapixel camera. Or just relax with a game.

    In the box:
    Sony Ericsson P1i
    512MB Memory Stick Micro™ (M2™, in the phone)
    Handsfree headset
    Desk stand
    Spare stylus
    Software disk
    Printed manual
    Removable attery
    USB sync cable
    AC power adapter
    Pouch case

    * Release Date: Tuesday 14th August 2007
    * Shipping Weight: 1.37lb

    Technical Details
    • Size
    - 106 x 55 x 17 mm
    - 4.1 x 2.1 x 0.7 inches
    • Weight
    - 124 g
    - 4.4 oz
    • Available colours
    • Screen
    - 262,144 color touchscreen
    - 240x320 pixel
    • Memory
    - Memory Stick Micro™ (M2™) support
    - Phone memory 160MB*

    - GSM 900
    - GSM 1800
    - GSM 1900
    - UMTS 2100

    • Camera
    - Auto focus
    - Camera 3.2-megapixel
    - Digital zoom 3x
    - Photo light
    - Video record
    • Music
    - Bluetooth™ stereo (A2DP)
    - Media Player
    - MegaBass™
    - Music tones
    - PlayNow™
    - TrackID™
    • Internet
    - RSS feeds
    - Web browser Opera™ Web browser
    • Entertainment
    - 3D games
    - Java
    - Radio
    - Video Clip
    - Video streaming
    • Connectivity
    - Bluetooth™
    - Infrared port
    - Modem
    - Synchronisation PC
    - USB mass storage
    - USB support
    - WLAN (Wifi 802.11b)
    • Messaging
    - Email
    - MMS (Multimedia Messaging)
    - Predictive text input
    - SMS long (Text Messaging)
    - Sound recorder
    • Communication
    - Polyphonic ringtones
    - Speakerphone
    - Vibrating Alert
    - Video call
    • Design
    - Jog Dial
    - Picture wallpaper
    - Wallpaper animation

    It is not US 3G compatible but it has wifi.

    Good luck.

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