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Thread: Virgin Mobile Canada Rules (02/07/09)

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    Exclamation Virgin Mobile Canada Rules (02/07/09)

    On top of the general posting rules for HowardForums, below are six more that you are asked to follow when posting within the Virgin Mobile Canada Forum. Please take a moment to read through all of the rules before posting, as bans will result if any are broken.

    1. Do NOT try to sell your phone in the Virgin section. There is a BUY/SELL/TRADE section for NON-GSM phones over HERE . Post it there please.

    2. If you are new to Howard Forums and you have a question about your Virgin Mobile phone or service, please do a search by using the SEARCH button on the top right of your page.

    3. RESPECT everyone. People are entitled to opinions and even if you strongly disagree
    with them, don't resort to name calling or rude comments. Any excessive flaming, name calling, or rudeness will result in a BAN. No questions asked.

    4. Do you have an unlocked CDMA phone that is not from Virgin Mobile Canada? Do you want to somehow activate that phone with Virgin Mobile Canada?


    Virgin Mobile Canada will NOT allow for the addition of any foreign (non-VMC) ESN regardless if the phone is unlocked or not! In short, you CANNOT use non-Virgin Mobile Canada phones with Virgin Mobile, even if it is a Bell or Solo Mobile phone. Please do NOT ask how it can be done.

    5. Swearing is NOT tolerated...and please don't try to hide it by spelling it differently. The swear filter is there for a reason. If you do it anyway and try to bypass the swear filter, an immediate ban follows with no questions asked.

    6. Kickback codes are no longer allowed in the Virgin Mobile Forum or else where on HowardForums. Posting of Kickback codes will result in an immediate ban-no warning.

    The forums are here for gathering information and also sharing it. Respect other people and there won't be a problem. If you choose to ignore the rules that are laid out, then your stay at HowardForums will be brief...

    If you find a post that violates these rules please report it using the "Report Bad Post" button.

    Regular members: CLICK on the RED triangle in the upper right corner of the message.

    Premium members: CLICK on the YELLOW triangle is found at the bottom left hand side.


    VMC Moderator

    rules adapted from Telus forum
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