This isn't an advertisement. This is a plea waiting to happen.

If you haven't tried Buzztime yet, it's a great way to pass the time while you're on the train or bus, and the fact that you're playing over the internet with people around the world make it even more interesting.

I wrote about this a while back and got a workaround to get the Java applet to run within Pocket IE. A little clunky, but it worked.

However, now that Java MIDlets are all the rage, and that Buzztime supposedly has "mobile phone" versions (see their website, how can we get it on our Windows Mobile devices?

Multiplayer games, as Menneisyys says, has got to be the next step in Windows Mobile games. Hardly anyone uses straight PDAs anymore - it's mostly 3G/2.5G/Wi-Fi enabled devices, and it's high time that we start reaching out to each other to play. My good friend Makslane Araujo Rodriguez, creator of Game Editor ( says that he's working hard to create multiplayer capability in his multiplatform game design software.

PSPs and DS Lites can do it so easily, where's the love for Windows Mobile?

In the meantime, if someone can get the MIDlet (JAR file) for Buzztime to work properly on a Windows Mobile device, I will bow down to you. Buzztime can supposedly send it to your phone via SMS (if you're Sprint), and if you're Cingular/AT&T, you can download it from MEdia Net, but it doesn't even allow me to download. Can anyone figure this out?