I see a lot of questions on the web and not much information in the Verizon manuals about this issue: Most folks get very frustrated as they have a high resolution camera but the only option they see to get the pictures out of the phone is to send them via e-mail or picture message - both resize the picture to unacceptable resolution AND... cost money. So, how DO you get those pictures out at full resolution? If your phone supports a MicroSD memory card, GET ONE - any size will do. Move you pictures to the card (or set the option to save pictures to the card). Now, to get you pictures to your PC - you need to remove the card from you phone (takes a few seconds - be sure to turn off the phone first!) Next insert the card into one of the SD adapters that will plug into your PC USB Memory card reader. Open the card using Windows Explorer or other picture software - you will see folders for music, pictures etc. Just copy the pictures (jpeg) from the card to your PC.
This works for my Verizon Samsung Gleam. Not sure about other phones.
PS.. The reason most folks get frustrated is that they insist on trying to get the pictures using the USB Cable that comes with the phone. They try all sorts of hack software etc. I don't know if all that works, but why get frustrated. The solution may be easier than you think.
Have fun with your pictures