My newest project is finally ready for beeing announced

> Nokia TAC Database <

The TAC database can help you to find a model by the first 6-8 digits of the IMEI or vice versa.
So you can identify Nokia models by its serial number.

This database actually holds mo than 1500 records for almost every Nokia mobile phone on the market (very old and just anounced ones).
You can add your TAC to the database, if theres no search result for it.

Furthermore there are some tools for playing around with IMEI (Checking IMEI checksum, Generating conform IMEI, creating barcode)

Your feedback wanted
Pleasy send me fedback with suggestions on that database.
- what about the design?
- what about functioanlity?
- what has to be improved?

What do you think of that in general? Do you have any suggestions?

I hope you can use that database, have fun with it...

greetings from germany