Since we've changed things around a little bit I feel the need to go over a few ideas/rules which I hope everyone can follow.

1. Please post in the proper forum.

If it's a ringtone or wallpaper request or question, please post it the Ringtones and Wallpapers Forum

If it's a software related question (this includes anything related to games, loading ringtones/wallpapers, using a cable etc.) please post it in the Software Forum

Anything else can be posted here in the Main Forum

2. Search before you post.

Nine times out of ten the answer to your question can be found via a simple search. Please use the search feature before you start a new thread.

3. Please do not respond to a question with something like "search" or "try a search" etc. If you know the answer but don't feel like answering the question a person has asked then don't post anything.

4. If you see something that you know isn't right such as a post in the wrong forum or a request for illegal software, please report the post. I'll get to it as quickly as I can.

As I said before, this is a work in progress. If something isn't working we can always change it.

Thanks for your cooperation.