I just found out this neat little thing a few days ago and I thought I'd share it with everyone here since bell are such a bunch of a**holes for not allowing us to run the web browser and custom apps in landscape mode. Note that this trick will only give you the ability to run custom apps in landscape mode, the integrated web browser will still automatically close if you try to lunch it. And this shouldn't matter since there's a much better web browser that you will be able to use: opera mini.

So here's the deal:

1. Open your phone in landscape mode.

2. Push the screen upward until the phone thinks you're back in "normal" mode (in other words, push the screen upward as if you wanted to open the phone normally, and of course this needs to be done while your in landscape mode). If your screen has flipped over, then move on to step 3, otherwise, keep reading the 2nd step until you actually understand it.

3. While keeping a certain pression upward on your screen to "keep" your screen flipped over, press menu and navigate to the download icon, but do not press OK yet (it may be f**cked up at first since the controls will be inversed).

4. This is the tricky part. As soon as you click OK, you gotta let your screen go back to it's normal position. This will cause the download menu to open IN landscape mode, where you should have access to all your applications.

All I ask in return for this is to tell this neat little trick to every person you know that has a u740. Screw bell and their unloyal strategies to "force" us to buy their lame MSN messenger app.

Edit: Forgot to say, if you like this, please request it to be stickied.