I've noticed an issue with ringtone entry on the Motorola W370 (Compal Calypso+). I'm assuming all the Compal phones have the same ringtone composer. (v173, c261, v375, et cetera).

The problem is it will not differentiate between whole, half, and quarter notes when playing back what was entered into the composer.

The manuals are of little help, especially since the only info I have found was on page 78 of the v173 manual. (search motorola.com for v173 - manual link on left) I do not have access to other phones to see if they also have the same note length issue. I have not found any information on the web about this format; just lots of advertising links.

It is interesting to see that the menu says [New iMelody], when it isn't even entered in the usual Motorola format (8 octaves, 6 note lengths, e.g. *3e2e2e2c3r4...). Instead it uses another much simpler format with only 3 octaves and 3 note lengths:

[Octave] Note [sharp | flat] [length]
Rest [length]

where b=flat, #=sharp, R=rest, q=quarter note, h=half note, w=whole note, and octave=3(high), 2, or 1(low)

Example: 2C#qRq3BhRw

Can anyone test this on their v173, c261, W370, or v375 phone? I would like to see how widespread this issue is. I haven't yet gone hardcore on tech support yet. My first inquiry was ignored.

Menu - Multimedia - Sounds - Preloaded and downloaded media files - [New iMelody]

And if this is all I'm going to get, anyone know any good songs with only whole notes?