Hi guys,

I just thought you might be interested in a weird problem I've experienced recently using the MobiMate WorldMate software.

I have the WeatherCaster option set to give me an updated weather report three times a day, and I selected Speaking Report to ON. This worked flawlessly in my 6120C, my E65 and in my E51 until recently, when the Speaking Report suddenly stopped working (I still received the updates, but only on my display - no voice).

I contacted MobiMate support about this, and they were extremely helpful in trying to resolve this issue but, at the end of the day, they told me the problem is with my Service Provider (SmarTone Hong Kong), who must've changed something (?) at their end.

As an experiment, I placed a CSL Hong Kong SIM card in my E51, and the Speaking Report resumed working. I then reinserted my SmarTone SIM card in my E51 and went online using my home WiFi just before a weather update was due, and it also worked normally over WiFi.

Bottom line: MobiMate seem to be 100% correct, and the issue is trying to get the Spoken Report while my phone is in 3G mode over SmarTone. I've contacted SmarTone about this, and they told me they'll get their Engineering Department to look into the issue.

Weird, but there you have it!