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Thread: solitaire deluxe 12-pack on LG9400

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    solitaire deluxe 12-pack on LG9400

    this game has Klondike,Spider,Freecell,Pyramid,Tri-peaks,Chinese Solitaire,Kings Corner,Scorpion,Yukon,Golf,Canfield and Vanishing Cross all in 1.
    the controls are pretty straight foward, the rules simple to complex, depending on which one you are playing.
    they all have the ability to "resume" later if you are only playing for a short time yet want to finish later.
    there is no getting bored with just the standard Klondike because there are so many other solitaire games to play.
    you can change board colors, dealer profiles card colors etc. .
    when playing you are also playing against the clock as you lose points every 10 seconds of playing and you can text friends with results
    I believe for the $ its an excellent value and playing solitaire has been proven to help keep ones thinking a little sharper and more focused.
    I had it on my Samsunga930, and LG8600 as well and have kept it on my 9400 . Im not sure what other models this game is available for. I paid 5.49 for unlimited
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    Name: Solitaire Deluxe 12-Pack

    Category: Classic Games

    Publisher: GOSUB 60, Inc.

    Current Rating: 3.5

    Application Description:
    Twice as many games as any other Solitaire Suite: 12 full titles, 20 unique variations! Includes Klondike, Spider, FreeCell, Pyramid, Tri-Peaks, Chinese Solitaire, Kings Corner, Scorpion, Yukon, Golf, Canfield, & Vanishing Cross. Customizable and intuitive gameplay with Undo Move, AutoSave, Arrow or Number Nav, and Easy Read cards. Join the GoGo60 online community to post scores, share challenging deal codes, and enter to win. 12 wildly popular Solitaire Games, now easier than ever to play!
    *Airtime or megabyte charges apply for sending and receiving data using Get It Now, depending on your plan.

    Available On These Handsets
    LG VX6000
    LG VX4500
    LG VX8000
    LG VX7000
    LG VX4700
    LG VX6100
    LG VX8100
    LG VX5200
    LG The V
    LG VX4650
    LG VX5300
    LG VX8300
    LG Chocolate VX8500
    LG VX5200 PP
    LG VX8600
    LG enV
    LG VX9400
    LG VX8700
    LG VX5400
    LG VX8350
    LG Chocolate VX8550
    Samsung SCH-a650
    Samsung SCH-a790
    Samsung SCH-N330
    Samsung SCH-a890
    Samsung SCH-a970
    Samsung SCH-a950
    Samsung SCH-a850
    Samsung SCH-a930
    Samsung SCH-a870
    Samsung SCH-a990
    Samsung SCH-u620
    Samsung SCH-u740
    Samsung SCH-U540
    Samsung SCH-u410
    VZW Gleam™ by Samsung
    Samsung FlipShot™
    Samsung Juke
    Kyocera KX2
    Kyocera KX1
    Kyocera K323
    Motorola a840
    Motorola V65P
    Motorola V260
    Motorola V265
    Motorola E815
    Motorola V276
    Motorola RAZR V3c
    Motorola MOTOKRZR K1m
    Motorola MOTORAZR maxx Ve
    Motorola RAZR V3c w/LBS
    Motorola RAZR V3m
    Motorola MOTOSLVR L7c
    Motorola MOTORIZR Z6tv
    Motorola MOTORAZR˛ V9m
    Motorola W385
    Motorola MOTO™ Z6c World Edition
    VZW G'zOne Type-V
    VZW G'zOne Type-S
    Audiovox CDM-8600
    Audiovox CDM-8900
    Audiovox CDM-8615
    Audiovox CDM-8910
    VZW CDM8940
    VZW CDM-180
    VZW CDM 8945
    VZW PN-215
    Nokia 6236i
    Nokia 6215i
    Nokia 6315i
    VZW PN-215 PP
    VZW CDM7075

    $6.49 - unlimited purchase
    $2.99 - monthly subscription

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