I'm looking for a phone for myself. I'm a quadriplegic and currently can't go to stores to look right now, and tiny pictures they put on the web are fairly useless. I was still using my trusty old Nokia 101 until Verizon stopped analog service. I mostly used it and my van phone for emergency or necessary calls only so never upgraded, plus the cost for both plans combined is under $30/mo and still active w/ Verizon. I'd like to stay with Verizon but will switch if needed.

What I liked about the Nokia 101 was the size and that the buttons were rubber. Now I'm searching for a phone thats larger and has rubber or highly raised buttons. I've tried clamshell phones and can use one, but usually drop them. I bought a dummy LG VX8350 and the spring in it was way too strong making it hard to open, the buttons were raised ok but hard to push

I'm thinking of a smartphone/pda since I need to get a PDA anyway.

So I'm Looking for.
1. Large size
2. Buttons are rubber, raised, or both
3. Features: Phone! Hopefully with voice dialing, anything else is a bonus.