I've had the account since March/08 and had no issues until a Telus rep called yesterday and advised I should move to the $65/1GB plan. He said I was abusing the terms of service.

In the last 30 days I've used 12GB, not abusive for an "unlimited" account, in my estimation. I mentioned I didn't see youtube as a streaming service, as it dloads the vid to my PC. He disagreed. When I mentioned I felt Telus was trying to pressure me into moving off of my unlimited account, he got defensive.

I haven't used bit torrents,or setup and FTP server, or VoIP. Their terms of service state "...will not use the service for: multi-media streaming...", is the very vague part where he says I'm abusing the service.

The way the internet is now, it's almost impossible to avoid multimedia.

Anyone else have the phone call trying to force you off the unlimited plan?

I'm trying to get them to clarify multimedia streaming for me.