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Thread: Question about an unlocked i880

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    Question about an unlocked i880

    I just made a trip from La. to CA, and during the trip I had NO coverage for approximately 500 miles on Interstate 10.
    When I got to CA, I checked the Sprint coverage map and show THEY have coverage on that route, but Nextel does not.
    My question is, if I have my i880 unlocked, and switch to a Sprint plan, will I be on the Sprint coverage and not the Nextel coverage, or will it be the same?

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    No. The Nextel iDen network and the Sprint CDMA network are two separate technologies. Your i880 will only work on the Nextel iDen network. Pure iDen (anything other than the icXXX series phones) phones are not in any way compatible with the Sprint CDMA network. See wikipedia for more information on the differences in the networks if you want that info.

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