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    Listening to BBC Radio 1 on your iPhone in the USA (OS X)

    Quick Guide to Listening to BBC Radio 1 on your iPhone from the USA (OS X)

    Having developed an unhealthy obsession listening to Radio 1 on the internet I needed to devise a way to get a feed to my iPhone while at work (which blocks all streaming media). I've found a few guides floating around for Windows but nothing for OS X. If you use a different OS, the technique is the same, just substitute the programs used.

    - A computer to use as your personal streaming server with DSL or faster internet connection (I'm using a Mac Mini)
    - NiceCast (if you find a freeware program feel free to use it instead)
    - RealPlayer (download the bloat free version from the BBC site)
    - Tuner (or similar iPhone app)

    First, install NiceCast on your computer. Almost no configuration is needed except for setting a station name, source, quality, and any enhancing effects. Be sure to set source to "System Audio" and set quality to 128 Kbps or less. I personally use 32 Kbps, 22.050 Khz, & Mono and have no problem listening over the iPhone's EDGE connection on T-mobile. If you're on 3G or WiFi, you can adjust accordingly.

    Once NiceCast is setup, open RealPlayer & load the BBC Radio 1 internet stream:
    After it starts playing, click "Start Broadcast" in NiceCast. You are now relaying the Radio 1 stream out to the internet!

    To listen, open up Tuner on your iPhone, select "Search", then "Open". Input the Internet IP address found under "Share" in NiceCast, press "Done" and enjoy streaming Radio 1!

    - Adjust the sound quality using "Effects" in NiceCast. I lightly boost the treble and gain.
    - If you cannot connect through Tuner, use the Server Checker "Check Now" button in NiceCast to confirm your settings. If it returns an error, check their help file for setting up port forwarding with your router (most common issue).
    - This does not just work on Radio 1 but on any streaming internet source...feel free to listen to anything you wish!
    - If you keep this limited to your personal usage (meaning, no one else is connecting to your server) and light listening (not 24/7) I doubt you'll have any legal or provider issues, but I'm not a lawyer & you're responsible for your own actions.

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    Even quicker guide to listening to BBC Radio 1 on your iPhone:

    Hijack BBC headquarters and eradicate the useless format!!!

    lol.. or I guess convince Apple and Tuner to use Real Media and Windows Media!!!!

    For Windows users the equivalent to Nicecast would be Shoutcast for Winamp.

    I listen to a lot of BBC 1, specifically the 1xtra programming, so I'd really love there to be a feasible way of doing this. But running your own stream to broadcast would use a lot of home bandwidth if you were to leave it frequently while you're out.. which you would have to do to make this worthwhile.

    Great tip though!

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    2 slightly easier ways

    #1 download the chris moyles podcast
    #2 tune into radio 1 online and record with audiohijack pro. You can even schedule audiohijack if you want.

    Sure, it's not streaming but at least I can ff through commercials.
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