Hopefully someone can offer some guidance with me dilemma. I recently got my new phone and with the National 12,000 plan and the Full Service Package. I noticed that I could not access the Mobile E-Mail, Address Book, and a couple other features.

Mobile E-Mail, and Address Book are not even options in the menus and when I go to ‘Enter Site’ I get a message stating that feature requires Premium or Full Service.

I have called technical support approximately 7 times, each time I was told ‘OK I should have that fixed in 24 hours, look for a Net Alert’, until the last call I made. The gentlemen on the phone said that it would not be possible to get the Full Service Package due to the rate plan I have.

This answer just doesn’t make sense to me. Why would it be advertised if you couldn’t use them together? Even as of 5 minutes ago, on Nextel.com of you choose that rate plan the option is there to add-on the Full Service Package.

Any suggestions or guidance anyone can offer would be much appreciated.

Thank you in Advance!