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Thread: Can I use Net10 on either the 3G iPhone or the older iPhone?

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    Can I use Net10 on either the 3G iPhone or the older iPhone?

    Is it possible for a patch to be made to the iPhone allowing the use of a Net10 sim card? I know that there's people out there that have already unlocked the iPhone, but Net10 sim cards don't work with "regular" unlocked phones. Does anyone know of an application maybe that could allow me to enjoy the beauty and capabilities of the iPhone (using Wi-Fi only of course) and still only pay 10 cents a minute.

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    There are other, better solutions. Net10 will still cost you $365 a year, at least the last time I looked at them.

    AT&T GoPhone will work with a jailbroken iPhone, $1.00 per day used and $0.10/minute (with unlimited mobile-to-mobile calls). $100 credit will keep the account valid for 365 days.

    7-Eleven Speakout will also work with a jailbroken iPhone. $0.15/minute. $15 credit will keep the account active for 365 days.

    T-Mobile To Go offers $0.10/minute if you purchase $100 worth of credit (which also keeps your account valid for 365 days). You would need to jailbreak and unlock your iPhone, and change the APN, for this to work.