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Thread: First Time Here? PLEASE Read This BEFORE You Post! [2015-01-02]

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    Exclamation First Time Here? PLEASE Read This BEFORE You Post! [2015-01-02]


    1. Post In The Correct Sub-forums.

    If you are new to HowardForums and you have a question about your Bell Mobility or Virgin Mobile Canada phone, please post in the correct sub forums that are listed at the top of the main Bell forum. Any threads that are not posted in the correct forum or sub forums will be moved and repeat offenders having their thread either closed and/or deleted. Your attention to this matter is important and appreciated. If you're not sure what forum to post in, post in the MOST relevant forum.

    Although this is not compulsory, I would like to encourage everyone who has a technical question about their SmartPhone which is not related to Bell Mobility to use the main dedicated SmartPhone/PDA forums respectively. Remember to specify your provider. Clickable links below.

    Please keep any general discussion relating to the Canadian Telco's in the Canadian Wireless Industry Discussion forum, and that only discussions specific to Bell Mobility, be posted in the this forum.

    2. Search before posting.

    If you are new to HowardForums and you have a question about your Bell Mobility or Virgin Mobile phone, please do a search by using the SEARCH button on the top right of your page. Chances are that your question has already been asked and there may already be an answer.

    3. Do not try to sell your phone or plan in the Bell Mobility or VMC forum.

    There is a Buy Sell Trade forum for NON-GSM phones. Read the rules and post it there please.

    4. RESPECT everyone.

    People are entitled to opinions and even if you strongly disagree with them, don't resort to name calling or rude comments.

    5. Internal Bell Mobility Information / NDA's.

    Be warned that is you choose to post internal Bell Mobility information that is not to be released to the public, your job may be in jeopardy and you may face legal action. Many people have already lost their job because they posted something they shouldn't have. Howardforums takes no responsibility for the loss of your job if you choose to ignore your NDA.

    6. ETIQUETTE: Make your Point / Describe your Subject CLEARLY in the Titles!!

    When you originate a thread to the board please consider your subject line. A subject line that just says something like "help" doesn't tell anything at all. At least give a little clue on the type of help you need. If someone knows they're likely to give you an answer a lot quicker than if you don't tell what you're looking for. It will also help those who don't know leave that thread alone if they don't know anything about it and you won't have wasted their time.

    Please note that this is a living document and may be revised when warranted. Please check back periodically for updates. Update dates (if any) will be noted in the thread title.

    Please feel free to PM me with any suggestions or comments regarding the Bell forum if you wish.

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