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Thread: Looking for some thoughts on upgrading

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    Looking for some thoughts on upgrading

    I'm planning on buying a Touch Diamond, but I'm not sure the best route to go. I was originally planning on buying one off Ebay, here, etc, in order to avoid having to get the Smartplan. However, I'm currently off contract with Alltel, so my question is: would I be better off locking in an Alltel Smartplan, or buy a phone elsewhere, avoid extending my contract, and wait to see what happens when Verizon takes over?

    I will have three phones on the plan, with two "normal" and one smartphone. Very little texting.

    Thanks ahead of time for any ideas.

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    Do the math and see which is cheaper for you.

    I have three lines. It was actually cheaper for me to buy the Pro retail than pay for the $89 SmartChoice plus $40 for two regular phones compared to $59 Greater or National Freedom, $20 for two regular phones, 1 line Connect 3 pack for $20, and one line with MyCircle Texting ($7.99). You save about $20 a month or $240 a year. In two years, you will have saved money by purchasing the Pro retail :-). I never would have done such an insane thing but rather waited for a better deal used or through eBay, but this may be last chance to get non-crippled version of this phone. I am not sure what will happen to the sale of Alltel phones once Verizon takes over. One of the other lines we have is also a SmartPhone which would have made the additional lines on a SmartChoice plan cost $60 instead of $40) so another $20 saving there for us. Also, if Verizon takes away MyCircle, I will still have 1200 Greater Freedom or 900 National compared to Verizon's 700 National. SmartChoice only gives you 500 minutes--not much to share between three lines where there isn't a lot of texting used.

    It's my understanding Verizon should honor your current contract or grandfather current plan in, but if you make any changes like switching out your SmartPhone with another even bought used or retail you may end up having to pay the $30 data plan plus texting instead of just a connect pack. since that is Verizon's policy effective for their customers Nov. 12th though I am going to argue I do have a data pack. A Smartchoice might at least lock you into a plan until you can see what Verizon is going to do.

    Either way you take a chance. However, Verizon definitely has better data service where I live compared to what looks like spotty 3G with ATT at least for now.