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Thread: My Unlocked BlackBerry Storm, working on T-Mobile!

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    For everyone who is about to unlock your phone. Please don’t go for free code and unlock code generators. Most of these codes won't work and this will reduce your chances to unlock your phone. Always go for some trusted websites. Pay some dollars and get the original codes. I got my code form (

    I got my code instantly and I unlocked my phone without any trouble. :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Protagonist
    Quote Originally Posted by Random Select
    There are some Blackberry phones that is also GSM and CDMA. The GSM part will allow you to use the phone abroad.
    Most of those 'CDMA worldphones' only support overseas GSM bands. IE 900, 1800. The Storm 9530 is almost unique in that it supports GSM 850, 900, 1800, 1900. CDMA 850, 1900. and HSPA 2100.
    it is not unique , bb9700 supports all 2g/3G bands
    T-Mobile - the largest fake 4G network in Americas

    HTC HD2 Speed on 3G/HSDPA

    T-mobile 3G/H or Pharos 137

    My broadband speed

    My WM phone is the best GPS now, say good bye junk Andriod

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