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Thread: Looking for B2B sales reps who would want to increase their sales

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    Looking for B2B sales reps who would want to increase their sales


    My name is David and I represent Mobile Unlimited, Inc. (
    We are a National VAR Channel i-Dealer for T-Mobile USA. We have just been informed by T-Mobile Direct that we are now allowed to partner with T-Mobile B2B sales reps across the country. T-Mobile informs us that BOTH parties (us and the rep) will get paid 100% commission!
    This is a great way for us both to make extra sales.

    Benefit to the B2B rep would be:
    • We can subsidize the cost of the phones more than they can so they can offer the phones to their customers for much less than T-Mobile will allow them to, hopefully increasing sales.

    • We are one of the ONLY T-Mobile authorized dealers with the ability to sell Unlocked GSM phones with T-Mobile service (visit our site for more info and see some of our phone models). This means the customer can choose from over 300 models of phone instead of being limited to the phones T-Mobile sells (this includes a lot of phones the other providers here in the US have that may have interested the customer in the first place). Hopefully this as well can increase sales.

    If any B2B rep is interested, please email David at [email protected]
    Also since we are new to this as well, would any B2B reps mind posting their thoughts on the matter (What would make it worth it for you to partner? Do you think you could get more sales because of this? etc).
    Thanks everyone so much!

    David Cogen
    Mobile Unlimited, Inc.
    [email protected]

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    Can you provide some additional details on this? Cause I'm awfully curious how a direct employee can sell on behalf of an agent.