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Thread: BST Rules for the Phone Plan Forum

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    BST Rules for the Phone Plan Forum

    By using this free service you recognize that the Admainistration,, can in no way be held liable for the accuracy of statements made by users of the service, or any claims arising from transactions made by users of the service.

    These rules are subject to change without notice. Threads may be moved, removed or edited without warning. Bans will be issued without prior notification when rules are broken.
    If your thread disappears or you get banned, review the rules to see why this has happened. Reposting identical content will just result in another ban, so please revisit these rules before posting again.

    Flaming or disrespecting moderators publicly or privately will not be tolerated and will be dealt with accordingly. If a member's PM box is full, or if your PM box is full, do not post a notification in this forum.

    Longtime members, current or former moderators are not exempt from these rules, so please play fair.

    You are NOT allowed to:

    — offer/sell plans on behalf of others
    — post links to your auction in eBay or sell your plan in the form of an auction; you must post an absolute selling price if you plan on making a profit from the transfer
    — include links to an external site where you're offering your plan, be it in your BST post or in your signature
    — include a FS listing in your signature that's not linked to an actual Howard Forums BST thread
    — buy, sell, seek, offer or "rent out" grandfathered phone plans that cannot be transferred to another person's name; or to sell account credits, points or vouchers related to such credits
    — cross-post within or outside the BST forums
    — sell or offer an indefinite number of plans; the BST forum is for personal use only, not a place for you to run your business
    — bump someone else's thread; for inquiries, send the person a Private Message instead.

    Make sure you do your homework before you seek or offer a phone plan:

    — Confirm that the person offering the plan actually owns the account; you could run into problems down the road if the person you're dealing with is not the account holder
    — Find out from the carrier if the plan/options being offered are still transferable; some carriers cannot transfer old plans if the code is not in their system any longer
    — Be aware that some carriers may charge fees for transferring an ownership
    — Corporate plans typically apply to the original account holder only and may eventually be removed from the new owner's account when the carrier notices the discrepancy
    — There are plans that may be region-specific and may not apply to your location. Check with the carrier about its validity
    — Some plans or options may be device dependent. Again, be sure to ask the carrier if the rates are valid on any handset, or if it is restricted to certain devices only. Failing to check this detail may result in extra charges later on.
    — If the plan being offered has monthly recurring discounts or credits, make sure you ask the carrier about it before taking over the plan; the credits might be canceled once the ownership is transferred
    — If the deal being offered includes a handset, make sure you also run the MEID (Mobile Equipment IDentifier), ESN (Electronic Serial Number) or IMEI with the carrier to make sure it hasn't been blacklisted or reported as lost/stolen
    — Also note that most (and eventually all) TDMA or analog handsets are non-transferable.
    — To avoid any difficulties or disputes down the road, please be very accurate in your post. Here's a guideline for posting your phone plan:

    • What the plan includes (airtime, data, options, etc.)
    • Recurring discounts or credits (if transferable)
    • Monthly plan rate, surcharges (like SAF in Canada), + taxes (which vary from state to state or province to province)
    • Mention if the plan is exclusive to one specific region
    • Mention if the plan/option is valid on specific devices/handsets only
    • If there is an existing contract on the plan, be sure to specify when it ends

    Please practice BST wisely. Be sure to read the following useful links:

    Tips for a Safe BST Transaction

    The Howard Forums Hall of Shame (List of Scammers)

    The Fraud Forum - keep informed of current scams happening around you.

    Howard Chui
    Founder and Editor in Chief of,
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