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Thread: Tutorial and DIY Guide Submissions Needed!

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    Lightbulb Tutorial and DIY Guide Submissions Needed!

    Please help give back to the HoFo community by posting your tutorials and DIY guides. We now have a seperate subforum to help make it easier for you to find the solutions you are looking for.

    If you want your guide to appear in the Tutorials and DIY Guides subforum, all you have to do is post it in the MetroPCS Modding and Flashing subforum and a moderator will move it for you. This will help keep unwanted traffic and congestion to a minimum.

    When writing a guide:

    --Please be sure to use proper English and grammar
    --Always preview your post and run the spell checker before submitting it
    --Add as many visual references and pictures as necessary
    --Detail each step in small, digestible paragraphs and label them respectively in sequence
    --Always be sure to give credit to your sources!

    A good place to start is by adapting some of the existing Cricket tutorials with the necessary MetroPCS settings. The Cricket guides can be found here:

    Thank you!
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