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Thread: WARNING: DO NOT Seek Flashing Advice from the Manufacturer's Forums!

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    Exclamation WARNING: DO NOT Seek Flashing Advice from the Manufacturer's Forums!

    The manufacturer's forums are for hardware and software discussions only! If you have any questions about "flashing" your CDMA device, you need to ask them in the forums of your carrier. It's really not fair to the moderators of the manufacturer's forums or their visitors for this kind of unwarranted traffic.

    Likewise, there may be some confusion for new members which place to begin asking questions.

    For the sake of clarity: "Flashing" technically means changing the system software (firmware) of a phone. This can be confusing, since the word "flashing" is also used colloquially when switching a CDMA handset to another carrier: The technical term for this would be "provisioning".

    Also, GSM phones can be "unlocked" to make them work on any carrier. CDMA phones, on the other hand, require special software and a file called a PRL, or "Preferred Roaming List". The PRL file locks the phone to a specific CDMA carrier, whereas, an unlocked GSM phone can work with just about any carrier's SIM card.

    The manufacturer's forums are for discussions on hardware and software/firmware specific to a particular device maker. Just because LG makes a phone that your carrier provides doesn't mean your question belongs in the manufacturer's forums! An example of a good question would be, "My Motorola RAZR v3m says 'Unauthorized Charger', but it's a Motorola-branded charger. So what's the deal?", but not, "Is there any way I can get streaming video to work on the Motorola RAZR v3m with my carrier?"

    In the case of the latter question, who knows if your carrier provides streaming video or not? That's a question best-suited for the carrier forums. Some members might not realize that a particular model of a phone (the Motorola v3m, for example) may be carried by SEVERAL different carriers!

    If you're not sure where to post, just post HERE in the carrier's forums, or if you post a topic that is more manufacturer-specific (hardware or software/firmware related), a moderator will move your thread to the appropriate manufacturer forum for you.

    In closing: Please refrain from asking questions specific to CDMA carriers, especially phone "flashing"--which really actually mean s "provisioning". True "flashing" is device-specific, not carrier-specific.

    Thank you.
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