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Thread: Actual manufacturer lookup from MEID

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    Actual manufacturer lookup from MEID

    I am trying to do a manufacturer lookup based on an MEID. I would think this is pretty simple, but I am not seeing it, even after staring a long time at the TIA website.

    Based on the following:

    There is no that I can find.

    ESN lookup is easy.

    The MEID format is as follows:

    RR - valid range A0 . FF - globally administered
    XXXXXX - valid range 000000. FFFFFF
    ZZZZZZ - valid range 000000. FFFFFF

    So, RRXXXXXX is the manufacturer code.

    Some MEID examples:

    The associated manufacturer codes:

    How are these actually mapped to a manufacturer? The first 2 hex digits (RR) are "globally administered." What does that mean and how does that fit into a manufacturer lookup? I find nothing on the TIA web site about this... or am I completely blind?

    I suppose that the next 6 hex digits could be used as a lookup in the EIN codes table, but that does not necessarily make sense.

    Anyone have a clue here? Lookups on EIN are trivial. I was hoping that MEID would be similar.

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    follow up

    Just for clarification, I have read a number of the documents on the TIA website, not just looked at the website. They were not particularly helpful concerning the manufacturer lookup. Perhaps I missed the crucial document.

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    Maybe this is the document you are looking for?


    A0 000000
    RESERVED For Testing Only
    (See Section 3.1)

    A0 000001
    Nokia Mobile Phones

    A0 000002
    Motorola Corporation

    A0 000003
    LG Electronics

    A0 000004
    Kyocera Wireless Corporation

    A0 000005
    Kyocera Sanyo Telecom, Inc.

    A0 000006
    Gemplus SA (Gemalto)

    A0 000007
    LG Electronics

    A0 000008
    Pantech Co., Ltd.

    A0 000009
    Eastcom Peace Smart Card Co.

    A0 00000A
    Gemplus SA (Gemalto)

    A0 00000B
    ZTE Corporation

    A0 00000C
    LG Electronics

    A0 00000D
    Research In Motion Ltd.

    A0 00000E
    Motorola Corporation

    A0 00000F
    LG Electronics

    A0 000010
    LG Electronics

    A0 000011
    Gemplus SA (Gemalto)

    A0 000012
    Kyocera Sanyo Telecom, Inc.

    A0 000013
    Shenzhen Huawei
    Communication Technologies
    Co., Ltd.

    A0 000014
    Samsung Telecom. America

    A0 000015
    Motorola Corporation

    A0 000016
    A0 000017

    There are A1 etc for other countries also