HTC have presented the Hero with a 5.0 Megapixel camera with autofocus. The screen is very large so it’s a definite digital camera alternative and you can use the trackball to zoom in. Also, there is a zoom bar on the left side so you can touch this to zoom in to the maximum if you’re trying to take a photo of a really tiny ant or something smaller.

Bad points about the camera are that there is no button on the side of the phone to take the shot so you’re going to have to awkwardly hold it up and use the main screen buttons.

Unfortunately there is no physical flash on the Hero either so you’ll have to make do with whatever natural light you can get.

Lastly, the Hero lacks a front facing camera so video calling is out of the question. It’s a shame HTC missed out on these points as it’s these sort of extras that make an average camera good.