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Thread: TXT8010/BLITZ howto Unlock

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    TXT8010/BLITZ howto Unlock

    Step 1. Download the Pantech Curitel USB drivers

    Step1.5 Dial *#7678 click MTP Default and Disable

    Step 2. Open qpst add the port that the Curitel Driver is using

    (Follow this for ESN Repair)

    Step 1. Close QPST and Open CDMA Workshop

    Step 2. Connect to the comm port

    Step 3. Navigate to Security and Send the SPC 000000

    Step 4. read the ESN change it to all 0's in the LG method

    Step 5. Write it again as The Default Method.

    Step 6. Send the SPC again
    Keep Alternating between the 2 methods and between 2-5 tries you will have successfully written the new ESN
    Close CDMA workshop

    Step 7. Open qpst then QXDM Pro

    Step 8. Open NV Browser

    Step 9. Open the System section of NV

    Step 10. Navigate to Mobile Equipment Identifier and change it to whatever you wish or fix it to what it should be.

    Power Cycle the Phone it should now be whatever you wanted it to be.

    (Changing the PRL and other Service tasks to activate it on MetroPCS or Cricket)

    Close QXDM as it is too powerful for what you need to do.

    Edit the settings as you would for any metro flash phone from QPST.

    As soon as I find out how to unlock Browser and MMS I will let you know and add to the tutorial.

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    errr i was triying to unlock mi blitz but i can't find the software that you use to do ti, maybe you can give me the link to download that would be great!!