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Thread: READ THIS Before you post in the Samsung FAQ!

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    READ THIS Before you post in the Samsung FAQ!

    Hey guys, the point of us having a Samsung FAQ is not to Frequently ask questions in here, its so you can look here and see if your question is answered before you post in the SAMSUNG forum. Please don't ask questions here, only GUIDES and INFO pertaining to Samsung.
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    I'd like to emphasize what kromix wrote above.

    This forum is not to be used for asking quesitons. Please don't ask questions here. It took me a while to clean this forum up.

    Have a question? Please post it in the Samsung forum, not the FAQ. However, if you want to give back to the community and post a howto, something you learned you feel would be valuable to all the other members, etc., please post it here.

    I've removed the previous stickies in the FAQ. Why? Well it's not fair that some of the FAQs were stickies and others were not. All FAQs and howtos, no matter how small, are helpful.


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    PLEASE READ - Where are all the FAQs?!

    If your'e wondering where all the FAQs have gone, you've come to the right thread.

    All the FAQs are actually there, you just have to manually adjust the timespan for which you want to view threads.

    To do this, look below the last thread which appears in the FAQ forum. Notice a line that states "Showing threads x to y of z, sorted by:" In the last drop-down box, there's an option "from." Select "the beginning" and you will see all the FAQ in this subforum.


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    ***New GSM Samsung User FAQ***

    Congratulations on your new Samsung phone. For those coming from Motorola Nokia, SonyEricsson and other manufacturers, you are either going to wish you never got a Samsung or just get used to the Samsung quirks.

    Here are things that Samsung don't allow you to do.

    1. Use Custom Message Tones. (if you want them, you need to modify the sound files within the Firmware and flash the Mod to the phone.)

    2. Use Custom Themes, or Skins for the UI. (if you want them, you need to modify the image files within the Firmware and flash the Mod to the phone.)

    3. Incoming SMS are saved to the SIM by default. You will need to manually move them to the phone memory or delete them. Once the SIM memory for SMS are full, then all other incoming will save to the phone memory. When this happens, there will be a constant reminder or icon on the phone display that the SIM memory is full. No way to change this.

    4. Outgoing SMS if need to be saved when sent must be sent under the Option of Send and Save.

    5. Incoming calls on Slider Types have an Ascending Ringtone feature that cannot be turned off. You will need toget used to this or modify the ringtone file to either have a 3-5 second blank before it begins or change the volume within the file to be higher than the rest of the file in order to beat the feature.

    6. Some (but not all) unbranded, unlocked Samsungs sold outside of the US/Canada, may display a Roaming icon even if the phone is on the same network as the SIM Provider (i.e. Cingular SIM, using Cingular Network) if used in the US/Canada.

    7. Unbranded Samsungs don't have US/Canada WAP/MMS Profile settings. You need to manually input them or if your Provider has the settings on their website to send them OTA (over the air) to your phone as an SMS.

    8. Only a few of the newer Models have Vibrate and Ring while others only have Vibrate 3 times, then Ring. No way to change this unless the phone supports *.mmf formats with Vibrate built in.

    9. Side Volume button only changes the Volume of the Ringtone when the phone is receiving an incoming call. All other times, it changes the Keypad tones volume.

    10. Display only SIM contacts or Only Phone memory Contacts. If you have them on both, they will display from both and will have duplicates. Either store only in one location or delete from one or the other to only have one displayed. (i.e. some on the phone and some on the SIM)

    Now that we covered the unbranded Samsungs, here are some of the things that Branded Samsungs (i.e. have been customized for a Provider) may not allow you to do.

    1. Remove the Provider Logo on the display. (A blank or custom Logo may be able to change this, but may not always work)

    2. Turn off the Date and Time display.

    3. Select available networks. (Cingular SIM cards do not allow this to be shown while on US/Canada networks)

    4. Use custom ringtones unless they are DRM'd (i.e. downloaded from ringtone sites or from the Providers own portal). There are a few work arounds that work (i.e. renaming file extensions, or creating DRM'd files and downloding them via WAP hosting sites.)

    5. Remove or change the Providers start up/shutdown animations. (This may be changed through firmware modification.)

    6. Customize the Keypad shortcuts. (Some are "hard-coded or hard-locked" in the firmware)