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Thread: Vodafone UK suspends Europe roaming fees

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    Vodafone UK suspends Europe roaming fees

    You may not be aware of this but vodafone UK has announced that for the three month period between 01 June and 31 August, its vodafone UK passport customers will not pay roaming fees throughout almost all of Europe and Australia and New Zealand too.

    You can add Vodafone Passport for free to any vodafone UK plan, whether it is pay monthly or PAYG.

    They have also dramatically lowered international calling rates from the UK to foreign destinations. Calls to the USA and Canada are 5p/minute for all calls and 5p/minute to many other destinations with a 10p surcharge to mobile lines.

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    It's good to see someone get a little bit more aggressive in reducing international roaming charges. Vodafone (as well as T-Mobile and O2) are multi-national conglomerates and it really doesn't cost them anything extra to provide a minute of service in Greece vs. in the UK, so why should they charge extra? It's just because they can because people are desperate and willing to pay. Really glad to see Vodafone take a progressive approach here. Maybe one day international roaming charges will be a thing of the past, just like domestic roaming charges and long-distance charges are all but extinct now.

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