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Thread: cell phone store closing- where to find (decent) work

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    cell phone store closing- where to find (decent) work

    I took over an existing cell phone business. The store was busy, but not busy enough.

    Now, where do cell phone dealers (or people that worked in a cell phone store) go when the store closes? I wasn't really that passionate about cell phones and plans,etc, but it was fine as it was my own business.

    So far I have gotten a few interviews. But, almost all of them have been at cell phone stores, including Metro PCS. (I only mention Metro PCS because I did NOT sell Metro PCS at the store).

    Prior to the store, I used to work in the electronics field. I don't want to be stuck at the bottom, at low pay, and no chance of advancement, in a cell phone store.

    But, it seems like cell phone stores are the only interviews I can get. If I can get a cell carrier I did not sell for (Metro), then why not something non cell related?

    The cell phone product line put's you in alot of difficult situations where people challenge you alot (and not in a good way). You would think that dealing with alot of the nonsense that comes up regularly would translate into handling situations in other product lines. But, so far not much interview outside cell phone store work.

    I would most like to get back in my field (electronics), which doesn't seem likely. I would start at the bottom just to get back in my field. I suppose I would consider a retail store and then try to get a technician job from there.

    I need to find work, and am flexible as I need pay and the economy is not good. I may even take something in a cell phone store but I will be hating it every day. A strong preference for me would be to get back in the electronics field.

    Any advise or tips or tricks for me to find something decent, preferrably in the electronics field?

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    You should look into applying for an apple store or best buy. That would probably be your best bet for dealing with high end electronics.

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    would you be interested selling wireless services to business? I have a b2b division that allows you to sell reps are commission only reps...but all work on their own time from home...commission from what I am told is very good...I pay per dollar of the price plan...for sell a 59.99 get $ sell a $99.99 plan you get $100 plus bonuses etc...etc...that makes me I want to be fair to my reps...let me know if you are intrested...I can tell you would be making more money selling b2b than being in a retail me if you want...

    I no longer suffer connectile dysfunction...thanks to Sprint EVDO-Rev A... lets see what new disease I fetch...