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Thread: New To Page Plus? Have Questions? Click Here! (NEW Unofficial Page Plus FAQ) (WIKI)

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    Exclamation New To Page Plus? Have Questions? Click Here! (NEW Unofficial Page Plus FAQ) (WIKI)

    Welcome to the new Unofficial Page Plus FAQ! This FAQ has been revised and updated by several members of the forum. If you have any suggestions please send me a PM. Thank you. -Avenue

    Where is the Wiki located?

    Why PagePlus?

    - A minimum $10 refill will keep your account active for 4 months.
    - Standard service ranges from $0.04 to $0.10 per minute, depending on size of refill.
    - Only $0.50 service charge per month.
    - Uses the Verizon network and any Verizon phone.
    - Internet via 1xRTT and EVDO - $1.20/MB and no airtime.
    - Free low-speed Internet via QNC or dial-up (available on some phones), although this service is unsupported by Page Plus.
    - Decent customer support, and a great user community on Howard Forums.


    Please check Page Plus' coverage here:

    What plans are available?

    * Standard Rate Plan (PAYGO, see "rates") -

    * Night & Weekend Plan (9 PM nights) - 99c/day -

    * Power Text - Texts/month: 2,000 for $10.95, Unlimited for $19.95 -

    * Talk n Text 1200 - 1200 Voice Minutes and 1200 Text Messages + 50 MB - $29.95/month -

    * Unlimited Talk n Text - Unlimited voice and texts + 20MB - 39.95/month -

    Note: A Page Plus "month" has changed to a real month, and is no longer just 30 days.

    Do I need to purchase an Unlimited Talk N' Text card each time I want to refill?

    No. You must purchase an Unlimited Talk N' Text card the first time, to activate the plan, but after that you may purchase any refill card to refill your account, as long as the total balance is $39.95 or above.

    What are the standard voice rates (PAYGO)?

    The followings will give you some idea, please check [PP’s website] for authorized answer. Actual costs may be slightly lower due to a bonus given on higher denomination cards.

    Note: this is for the standard plan. The Unlimited Talk n Text plan does not give a dollar bonus for the higher denomination cards, only the face value amount is added to your balance.
    Voice Minute Text Roaming Minute Monthly Fee
    4-10˘ 8˘ 29˘ 50˘

    * This is the rate deducted per minute for the current active card. The rate will change to the new card when the balance of the current card is used up. Note that if a call is in progress when the balance is used up, the old rate applies for the duration of the call.
    ** This is the approximate actual cost per minute based on the face value of the card divided by number of minutes for the card. It does not take into account the 50˘ monthly fee which would increase your actual cost per minute. Also, getting discounted cards would decrease your actual cost per minute. See "Some sites that sell PP refills".

    Is the 50 cent monthly fee deducted on monthly plans, such as the Unlimited Talk N' Text plan?


    Where to get a phone?

    * Buy directly from Page Plus. The selection is tiny but all the features will work out of the box. These are the ONLY handsets (known) that work with the App/Ringtone/Wallpaper Store.

    Please check out the Handsets, Technical, and Modification Discussion Sub-Forum to see if the following phones are compatible with Page Plus Cellular. Please do a search, and check to see. There are some phones that work, and some that don't. There have been many things that have changed recently. Therefore, the following information may not be accurate.

    * Buy any new or used Verizon postpaid phone. (Older non-E911 units are allegedly OK too.) The ESN must be clean, meaning not blacklisted due to the owner not paying his/her Verizon bill or the handset being stolen. (Remember, this has changed. Please check out the Wiki or the Sub-Forum for more information.)

    * Port your current Verizon phone (prepaid or postpaid)

    * Sprint (and Sprint MVNO) handsets are by far, the most difficult. All handset are locked, The OTA activation is incompatible. The MMS system (Picture Mail) is incompatible. IMHO, these handsets are more or less for serious hackers only. Virgin handsets are PCS 1900 MHz only - don't even bother.

    * Other CDMA phones (Cricket, Alltel, USCC, unbranded etc.) are more compatible and are often unlocked so you can at least do some manual programming to get basic voice and text functionality and get OTA activation to work. YMMV.

    Page Plus handsets and Verizon PDA's (Windows & Palm) will do internet upon activation. ALL other handsets will require at least some hacking to get WAP/internet working. Consult the tutorials for handsets that have been successfully provisioned for data.

    How to get the service?

    If you are activating new service, you may use your favorite search engine, you may use your favorite auction site, or you may visit .

    To program your phone with Page Plus over the air (OTA), dial *22890 and press the send key. If that doesn't work, try *22801 or *228 and select Option 1. You want to do this after the activation is complete on Page Plus' end.

    If you are porting a current number to Page Plus, or want/need to get the activation through Page Plus directly, call the customer service number found on or visit and select "I want to activate a phone and port my current phone number" and do it free of charge online. If you decide to call, ask for the "Porting Department". Porting is free but you won't get any minutes (50 minutes or $6 balance) to try out the service. Activation costs $10.00, if you're not porting. In some areas, Page Plus may not have a local number for you. You may activate/port your phone to Verizon Inpulse first. Verizon won’t hold the number, so you can port it to Page Plus immediately. If this is a new Inpulse phone, you might want to use up the $10 bonus before you port. When you port from Inpulse or other prepaid, all Page Plus needs to know about your account is the 4-digit PIN, usually the last 4 digits of your Inpulse phone number.

    How does porting work?

    Porting is the process of moving your MDN (phone number) from one carrier to another. In general the procedure is as follows:


    -- Porting cancels the account you are porting from.

    -- You will be responsible for any ETF's if you are still under contract (postpaid).

    -- If you are porting INTO an ACTIVE Page Plus account, your current TnT plan and/or balance WILL BE LOST!!

    * Contact your current carrier to get the required information.
    * Contact Page Plus porting department or a Page Plus Dealer to iniiate the port and provide them with the required information
    * If you are lucky, the port will complete in a few hours, if not, prepare for the possibility that it could take several days
    * You must call Page Plus for status reports. If something gets hung up, you can push the process along by facilitating communication between the two carriers.

    How to change my phone?

    You can contact PagePlus customer service and request an ESN change to switch your current number to your new phone for free.
    You can also contact a Dealer to a request the same service. Some may offer it for free while others charge a nominal fee.

    How to check my balance?

    When you make a call, you’ll hear an announcement for how many minutes you have for that call. If you don’t like this, you can call Page Plus to disable this feature. When your balance is low (below $5), you’ll receive an alert text message (SMS) from Page Plus.

    You can check your balance anytime by calling 1-877-359-6695 from any phone or dialing #737 on your Page Plus phone (free). Here are some dial strings to try:


    The "p" is a pause, which can be added when you are entering a number in contacts by selecting "Options" and then "Add Pause" (may be different depending on your phone).
    Use whichever dial string works for your phone and add it to your contact for convenience.

    How to add money?

    You can buy a refill online. Or, use a US Bank ATM machine (you can use any ATM card, not necessarily issued by USB, and no any fee to be charged). If you buy it from PP’s Yahoo store or on an ATM, the money is added to your phone immediately. Otherwise, you need to call #737 on your PP phone or 1-877-359-6695 on any phone to add the refill into any PP phone as long as you know the #.

    [B]For best results, you might want to turn off your phone, and take out the battery while adding money to your account.[B]

    Some sites that sell PP refills:


    Check the ever popular "Cheap Places to Refill?" thread for the latest discount deals. (Go to the last pages.)

    Where can I buy a refill by phone?

    #737 from your Page Plus phone

    1-877-359-6695 from any phone.

    How do I recharge my phone?

    1. Call 1-800-359-6695 from any phone with the refill card number or a credit card

    2. Call #737 from your PP phone. This is free of charge.

    How do I check the amount of MB's I have remaining on my plan?

    If you have "My Account", you can view the amount you have left. You can sign up at

    Can the Power Text plan be added on top of the Standard Rate Plan?

    Yes. You may want to consider the value of the Talk N' Text plans though.

    How to check the expiration date?

    If you are on a call on your PP phone, you’ll hear the expiration date announcement at the end of the call after the other side hang up. But this does not always work. When your phone is approaching its expiration date, a prompt voice will mind you the date after you place a call.

    Any refill is for 120 days, but count it on 119 days or less due to the confusion on the definition of “Midnight”. If you refill before the expiration, all your minutes will be rolled over to another 120 days. If you don’t refill, all your minutes will disappear but your phone # will be held for 30 more days.

    The best way to track expiration is to use You can add a task for each phone you have and make it to repeat after 120 days. When the time is due, it’ll email you an alert. Every time you add a refill, complete the task and it’ll re-start the task automatically for another 120 days, very convenient. Again, count on 119 days or less instead to be safe.

    How do I change my plan?

    You can do this by calling Page Plus Cellular at 1-800-550-2436 or by dialing #737 on your handset.

    You might want to turn off your phone and take out the battery when changing your plan.

    Any hidden fee?

    Having read above, you might say: sounds too good to be true, what's the catch? There is indeed a small monthly fee: 50 cents are deducted on 25th of every month. That's all, basically nothing. This is why I spent my precious time to write this FAQ, PP is this incredible and unbelievable. For those who are still paying $$ or $$$ monthly and on 2-year contracts, they don't know what they've been missing until they discover this forum.

    Are there overage fees?

    Yes. You can find information at You will only be charged what is in your account. BE CAREFUL: If you add extra $39.95 cards, and then get charged overage for data, for example, you will be losing one of the cards, because there will not be enough to refill your account. You might be charged the pay-by-the-minute rate until the refill is gone. Make sure you look out for this!

    Are taxes included?

    Yes, taxes are included on most online airtime purchases.

    Can I purchase any refill card for the Unlimited Talk N' Text or the Talk N' Text 1200 plan?

    You need to purchase the correct card the first time. After that, the plan is on your account, and you can refill by purchasing any card. For example, if you want the Unlimited Talk N' Text plan, you need to purchase the Unlimited Talk N' Text card, and after the first time of adding that card, from then on, you can refill using any card.

    How to check my voicemail?

    Dial *86 or #RET (#738), or just dial your own #. No air minutes charge if you use a landline phone to call your PP # and then press # during the greetings to access your mailbox.

    How do I send an e-mail to a PagePlus phone?

    For text (TXT) messages, send e-mail to:

    For multimedia (MMS) messages, send e-mail to:

    Replace ### with the 10-digit phone number.

    Note: Text Messages are typically limited to 160 characters, although several text messages may be received broken into 160 characters each if the e-mail is over 160 characters. Picture Messages are typically limited to 1,000 characters. Picture Messaging will be charged in data.

    Any free nights and weekends?

    Yes, please check PP’s website. This FAQ cannot cover all the issues but some questions frequently asked in this forum. (Remember, the plan will probably be about $30/month and for $39.95/month you can get unlimited.)

    Why does my phone show roaming?

    Somehow on some phones (mostly EV-DO phones and quite often on the Motorola handsets) the roaming triangle pops out solid whenever you are out of your home area and in many instances, even when you are in your home area with native Verizon coverage. In such a case, the phone is still on Verizon’s network and you won’t be charged at roaming rate. From the following link, you can find the SID(s) for the area where you use your phone and add them to the SID/NID pair list in your phone. Then, in many but not all cases, the phone won’t show the roaming triangle in these areas except that you are really roaming (on the Extended Network). Or try dial *22888 that worked for some users.

    How to update my roaming list (PRL)?

    Dial *228, then press 2, or *22891.

    When I make a call Pageplus first informs me of my current balance, can I turn that off?

    Yes, but you will need to call Pageplus customer service at (800) 550-2436, or dialing 22273, i.e. CCARE, on your phone.

    Two Page Plus numbers on one handset?

    It has been done, but you will have to go through Page Plus customer service or technical support to walk you through it. Most handsets have NAM 1 and NAM 2 for this purpose.


    Can I get a number in another state?

    Yes. For new activations, simply provide the zip code for the area you want. The zip code must be within the Page Plus service area. (Alltel has yet to be integrated in some areas,)


    How do I port my number and handset from Straight Talk?

    * Using instructions on StraightTalk's site, get the MEID of your handset.
    * Call Page Plus' porting department and tell them you want to port your number over, as well as the MEID you just obtained.
    * In approximately 24-48hr, the port should be complete and you can *22890 to re-program your phone.
    * Make an outgoing call to activate service.


    If I port my number from Page Plus Cellular, do I lose my balance?

    Yes, you will lose your balance. You will be deleting your account with Page Plus Cellular, and opening an account with another provider.

    Do I lose my balance if I do a phone number change?

    Yes, you will lose your balance.

    What is Page Plus' contact information?

    Contact Us
    Mailing Address:

    Page Plus Cellular

    1615 Timberwolf Dr.

    Holland, OH 43528


    Customer Service (800) 550-2436

    Activations (800) 550-2436

    Fax (419) 382-8729

    New Dealer Inquiries (800) 550-2436 x340


    Activations [email protected]

    Customer Service [email protected]

    Employment [email protected]

    Sales [email protected]

    What are the terms MDN, MIN, PIN, ESN, MEID, HEX, and DEC?

    MDN- Mobile Directory Number. This is your phone number, which can be ported from one carrier to another. You may need to enter the MDN when doing manual programming.

    MIN- Mobile Identification Number. This is the number that your current carrier uses to associate your phone with your phone number. This may be your phone number, or may not be. You may need to enter the MIN when doing manual programming.

    PIN- PIN can be referred to PIN's, such as refill cards, when refilling your service. They can also be referred to as a Voicemail PIN, which is the password you use for your voicemail. They can also be referred to a service available on Blackberries, but this service is most likely not going to work with Page Plus.

    ESN- Electronic Serial Number. This is the number usually on the back of the phone, under the battery. It is used to activate a phone.

    MEID- This is a type of ESN. Page Plus' system does accept MEID's.

    HEX- This is a type of ESN. Page Plus' system does accept HEX's.

    DEC- This is a type of ESN. Page Plus' system does accept DEC's.

    BAD ESN- A "Bad ESN" is usually an ESN which has been "blacklisted" or banned, by a carrier. This is usually because the phone is lost, stolen, or has an unpaid bill associated with it. A phone with a Bad ESN cannot be activated on Page Plus.

    CLEAN/GOOD ESN- A "Clean ESN" or good ESN is an ESN that is ready to activate on, or 'good to go' with Page Plus' service. That means that the phone is 'clean' or not lost or stolen.
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