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Thread: WALKTHROUGH - TOUCH PRO 2 (Rhodium) ON METRO PCS With Internet and Soon MMS

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    WALKTHROUGH - TOUCH PRO 2 (Rhodium) ON METRO PCS With Internet and Soon MMS

    I posted this on PPCGeeks a while ago, and Pimpy told me I should share it over here as well... So Here is my in depth walkthrough to get the TP2 on MetroPCS.

    Since the Rhodium is not yet supported by HoudiniSoft there a re a couple starting steps...

    First you must get the MSL code, which is usually given from sprint. Unfortunately it's like pulling teeth. BAFTools MSL Grabber unfortunately does not work. The only other option is to use a third party for software. (I used CDMA Workshop)

    1. Download and install drivers:
    Note: Notice Screenshots within installation

    2. Open the phone keypad and dial ##3424# then Plug in the handset.

    3. When “Found New Hardware Wizard” prompts you will select “Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)” option.

    4. Then you will click browse and look for the following location: “(C Local Disk > Program Files > QD > HTC Driver Install”. Then select OK.

    5. Drivers will install and you will repeat step ‘”3:” For every prompt of the “Found New Hardware Wizard”

    6. Then open up your 3rd party software and fins your MSL. Write it down, then replace it with 000000 and write that to the phone.

    7. Reboot the phone

    8. Open up the phone keypad again and type in ##778#, click Edit, and enter 000000 for your code.

    9. Download the following file and put it on your phone or memory card in the phone...anywhere...
    **UPDATE** There is a newer PRL attached to this walkthrough. 02003**

    10. On the phone click on "View info" in the bottom left and scroll to "PRL"

    11. 'Right Click' (hold down finger) on the Update PRL spot and goto 'Edit'

    12. Do a Browse... and find that 02001.prl file. Finish the update and reboot the phone.

    13. Now you will find that it is on the MetroPCS network and ready to be 'Metro Flashed'. Sorry but this is the only way to get it in the metro pcs inventory legally. Note: Don't waste your time taking it to a corporate metro pcs store, noone there knows anything about anything. Friendly but not too smart. Take it to a METRO PCS AUTHORIZED RESELLER. Craigslist could work too but can be very sketchy. Find somewhere that can flash a touch pro to metro. It now flashes just the same as a touch pro. But it will not flash if you have not done all the steps up til this.

    14. Once you get the phone flashed over follow these directions to get Internet and Picture Messaging:


    1: Download Dot Fred's Task Manager and goto services. Stop the CM_Guardian. Then Highlight it and find it in the registry. Once in the Registry highlight CM_Guardian and remove the complete directory.

    NOTE: This file is what resets your Sprint connection to its default settings despite editing these settings. Disabling this file by deleting or replacing it is critical.

    2: Then soft Reset.

    3: Open your phone and enter ##778#, select "EDIT" and enter your unlock code.

    4: Set the following values:

    M.IP Settings:
    MIP_MODE = Simple IP Only

    M.IP Default Profile:
    NAI = [email protected]
    Home Address = (just delete the values and save)
    Primary HA Address = (just delete the values and save)
    Secondary HA Address = (just delete the values and save)

    5: Goto Connections and delete any existing connections and setup a new one using the following settings:

    Number to dial = #777
    Username: [email protected]
    Password: metropcs
    Domain: (Leave Blank)

    Select Proxy Settings and enter the following values: port:3128 (http) port:3128 (wap) port:443 (secure wap) port:3128 (socks)

    6: Back in the "Connections" screen where you have two tabs at the bottom of the screen of "Tasks" and "Advanced", go to Advanced, click on "Select Networks" and select the name of the connection you just setup.

    Example if you leave as Sprint then choose that one as your internet connection and do it for both settings.



    1a: Using a registry editor goto HKLM/SOFTWARE/Arcsoft/Arcsoft MMS/UA/Config/UI

    Find EnableServerEdit and change it to "1"

    2: Open your Messaging and click on the SMS/MMS option.

    3: Click on "Menu" and select "MMS Options" then select the "CDMA Servers" tab.

    4: Add a new server with the following settings:

    Server Name: metropcs
    Port number: 3128
    Server address:
    Send limit: 500K

    5: Click "Done" and then set the new server as default.

    6: Using a Registry Editor edit the following values:

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Arcsoft\ArcSoft MMS UA\Config\mm1\WspHeader2]

    ADD STRING -> "X-metropcs-MDN"="XXXXXXXXXX" ( Insert your 10 digit phone Number )
    ADD STRING -> "X-DEVICE-MIN"="1XXXXXXXXXX" ( Insert your 10 digit phone Number WITH the 1 in front of it )

    7: Hit the thanks button! It's hard typing all this stuff. Mods may want to sticky this.

    Voila! Now wasn't that so simple? If you have the touch pro it's almost the same. Just make sure you have someone to MetroFlash it that is an Authorized MetroPCS Reseller and that they know how to flash the Touch or the Touch Pro or Diamond or Mogul.... etc.

    There is a final step... There is a service on the phone called CM_Guardian that is continuously resetting your connection to Sprint settings. Remove this. Sorry, meant to put that in the walkthrough. I believe To do this, set the following key in the registry:

    Flags = 4 (it's a DWORD if it doesn't exist.)

    Thank you to whoever typed up some of this post the first time around. It has helped so many people I am glad I can add to it to make sure that I help more people as well.

    I have picture messaging working beautifully!
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