I have an LG Xenon and just got the $10 unlimited browsing plan added on to the account last night (got one month free to try it out).

Anyhow, when I press the Web or Internet buttons, the browser loads but almost immediately says "The requested host was not found" and then I am forced to exit the browser. However, I sent "HOME" to '4836' and got a text back with a link. I clicked the link and was taken to the main Rogers mobile web page.

How can I get my phone to default to google.ca or even to the rogers web page (since browsing that is free anyhow)?

I've reset all of the connection settings and matched them also to my wife's Xenon (which was never on the internet but doesn't have the same message pop up), and my settings are identical. I'm stumped as to what went wrong here!

Thanks for any help you can provide. I don't want to call Rogers and spend another hour talking to them tonight (like I did last night with the account changes...ugh!)