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Thread: Stragiht Talk Samsung R451 Gmail App

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    Stragiht Talk Samsung R451 Gmail App

    Straight Talk Wireless, using the Verizon Network, is a steal at $45 per month. Verizon also cannot hit you with overages, extra fees, taxes etc. It's capped at $45! What a pleasure!

    But I'm coming from a Blackberry and need and love email. Push email I know is out of the question. but I can't seem to find a straight answer to a simple question anywhere on the web.

    Is there a solid email app for any prepaid plans that use the Verizon network? Straight Talk and PagePlus are the two prepaids here in the northeast that use Verizon but PP has junky phones. Straight Talk has the R451C and the Finesse. I know the Finesse has a Gmail app (but nowhere on the web tells me how it's used if it's not push. Do you open the app and hit send/ receive every time to refresh it?). But the Finesse is $350 up front.

    The R451 is $150 up front and has a QWERTY keyboard which is attractive. So here's the million dollar question: Now get ready for it because this will be the first time it's answered on the web in simple English. Ok, ready? Here it is:

    Is there a Gmail app for the R451? If not, and folks have spoken about using the browser to go check Gmail, what is that experience like? Is it cumbersome? Is it recommended for someone who gets 75 emails a day? Would one make a link to gmail or must you use the home screen then navigate to gmail?

    Someone please shed some light on this. For goodness sakes, Straight Talk reps should answer this. They'd get thousands of VZW customers to make the switch. Customers like me who use the BB only for email and no other smart phone features.

    Phew! And Thanks in advance for more than a 5 word response.

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    No. ST won't let you run anything on it that wasn't on it when you got it. That's about the long and short of it. If ignoring the TOS and messing with the deep Brew stuff behind the scenes (which will likely get it kicked off the network fast) also most likely no.

    It's fairly cumbersome (I use it for gmail). I'm not terribly spoiled and it's possible, so I'm ok with it but don't expect to be spoiled. As far as email-on-an-openwave-browser goes, it's pretty ok. General tip: put links in the favorites slots (menu-5-2) rather then bookmarks. This bypasses loading the splash page, cutting the load time pretty heavily. As sluggish as it is off the starting line, it matters.

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    im assuming that youdont want to buy a BB (maybe use your previous one if its for verizon or sprint) and putting it on page plus? the google app works fine on there.

    stopping to check your email on a slow browser isnt any fun. upgrading your phone to the finesse might help. and any word of retailers that sell that phone? im tired of not having unlimited data.

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