Tony Cortes being in the mood for the holidays has submitted to me a holiday thread for all you blackberry owners out there. Thats right service books and all. So no longer would you need to pay someone to get the metro service books. So enjoy and be sure to thank Tony for his contributions and gifts this holiday season.

Your phone should be partially flashed at this point (talk and text)
Make sure to have Desktop Manager from Blackberry installed.
Download any version of QXDM, and QPST Build 215 (Curve, World Edition,
Pearl, etc.) or Build 323 (for Storm, or some newer models). If you have a
7000 series Blackberry, your SPC will be reset to FF FF 30 30 30 30 (HEX)
if you use QPST, so instead use latest CDMA Workshop.


The data settings to change without CDMA workshop are in Service
Programming (use SURF6300BB as Base Model for Build 215)...

MIP tab:
Mobile IP Behavior: Simple IP only

PPP tab:
UM Username: [email protected]
UM Password: metropcs
AN Username: [email protected]
AN Password: metropcs

STEP 3 (if Sprint)

If your device is a Sprint Model, you must disable IOTA with QXDM to
prevent any data issues..

QXDM 2.x Version:

mode offline-d
spc "000000"
nv_write_item 11104 0x01
nv_write_item 11124 0x01 0x64 0x65 0x66 0x61 0x75 0x6C 0x74
nv_write_item 11125 0x00
nv_write_item 11126 0x01
mode reset

QXDM 3.x Version:

mode offline-d
spc "000000"
requestnvitemidwrite 11104 0x01
requestnvitemidwrite 11124 0x01 0x64 0x65 0x66 0x61 0x75 0x6C 0x74
requestnvitemidwrite 11125 0x00
requestnvitemidwrite 11126 0x01
mode reset


In order to load the custom service books with Desktop Manager, you must
enable Legacy restore mode. On your handset, go to Options >
Advanced > Service Book. At this screen:

Blackberry Qwerty Devices: Hold ALT and press S B E B
Blackberry SureType Devices: Hold ALT and press S S B E B
Blackberry Storm: Hold !?123 until it locks and press 4 ? 2 ? (while in

The phone will display a prompt that Legacy mode is enabled.

Metro PCS Servic Books V2

As soon as we get the time we will upload step by step pics for this tutorial.