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Thread: Data Usage on Straight Talk

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    Data Usage on Straight Talk

    Does anyone know if turning off javascript will reduce data usage on my new 810?

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    Since no one has replied yet, i'll give it a try. I would check your data usage on your phone. write down that number. Disable Java on your phone and then go to a known website that is rich in javascript and see how much data was downloaded. Next, go away from the site to a new site. Check your data usage again on the phone and write that new number. Turn Java back on. Finally go back to the previous web page and let it load with all the javascripting. At that point, look and see how much data you used.
    You should have 4 sets of data wrote down.
    starting data with Java OFF
    data when you load a Java rich web site
    data after you leave web site to a neutral site
    data after returning to Java rich site with Java ON
    I am a linux user, and people suggest going to the Disney website to test Java. I think it would be better to go to the page first with Java off, then the second time with Java on. Try that and let us know what you find. I'll bet you use less bandwidth.