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Thread: Sony Ericsson SXperia Pureness Unboxing Pictures & Review

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    Sony Ericsson SXperia Pureness Unboxing Pictures & Review

    Mobile phone manufacturers seem to be getting more aggressive in exploring virgin land that telecommunication technology has yet to reach. After LG’s bold wristwatch, Sony Ericsson joins the adventure and launches Pureness X5 under the royal name of Xperia. Having an incredibly short specs list, Pureness X5 clearly ain’t targeting at the tech-savvy. Instead, it favors the gallery and art museum goers because it looks like a modern experimental avant-garde exhibit.

    Along with the artsy phone in the package are a velvety pouch, a charger, a handsfree headset, a data cable, a novelty Bluetooth earphone IS800 and a user’s guide.

    The design of the phone is everything but conventional. The underwhelming 1.8-inch monochrome TFT is made up for by the crystalline scratch-proof finish that bears the gracious quality that the autonym Pureness suggests. It juxtaposes serenity and vogue in one entity. On top of that, the phone is small, feather-light and pocket-friendly. You know that is a money making body at very first glance.

    The terrace of keys is are very tactile and give very responsive clicking feedback.

    I like how the SIM card slot is placed on the side of the phone instead of hidden in the battery compartment because for Pureness, you can’t access the battery compartment. Changing the battery is not a DIY job.

    The square buttons you see here is the volume rocker. You have each on either side and you also find the data transfer portal here on the left side.

    The back looks kind of ponderous to me and it takes away some of the sleekness that the front impresses us with. You find the power button here at the back as well which is another unconventional choice.

    You can envisage the how the “pure” screen would work under broad daylight, but it will be the showstopper at any night-outs. You’ve got 88MB of phone memory and 2GB of media memory, but no extended memory by any form.

    You can play audio and video with the phone. With the 3G connectivity, you can also surf the net. Of course you have to do it on a somehow white-washed display (but it’s CHIC!)

    The phone comes with a wireless around-the-neck IS800 Bluetooth earphone to match its extravagance. It’s all about being a piece of (consumer) art.

    Looking at the price tag, you have quite a good idea of how is the phone positioned. Its prestigious and Xperia after-sale service and Pureness Concierge Service is a proof of privilege. The phone is not everyone’s cup of tea. But you just know there will be people falling for it. A fashion forward design with extremely tailored functions- I already see blood on the floor from all the artsy fashion victims!
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    any actual owners of the Pureness want to share their experience with this device?
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