Hey guys!

My name is Harry Scanlan, owner of BerryBlab.com.

I've created a BlackBerry App that allows you to view vBulletin Forums on your BlackBerry natively! No more "squinting" at the screen or trying to log in to the web interface to respond to your PM's!

Anyway, here are some screen shots. I will be finalizing Beta Testing this month, so if you have a vBulletin forum and want in on the Beta Testing (and thus, a free app) then sign up

Here are some screens.

I'm pretty sure HowardForums runs on vBulletin, but we will have to see if the Admin will install the plugin !


* Native Keyboard and Touchscreen Support
* Optimized connection to your forum for Quick and Seamless access!
* Multiple Language Support
* Inherits all security policies based on your vBulletin setup
* Multiple Forums
* User Login
* View Forums
* View Sub Forums
* Private Messaging - View, Reply, Reply All, New
* View Latest Threads
* View Subscribed Threads
* Reply to Threads
* Create New Threads
* View thumbnail images in thread
* View thumbnail images in thread


This app has been tested on ALL simulators for BlackBerrys with OS 4.5+ Installed. (Pearl, Curve, Bold, Bold 2, Gemini, Storm, Storm 2etc.. )

BlackBerry Install

OS 4.5+ and OS 4.7 Storm / Storm 2

Use your BlackBerry browser to surf to:


If you can't see our mobile download page, surf to


Demo Forums using BerryBlab


Note: Your typical data usage charges apply when using this.

High res photo's.

Multiple Forum Access

View Forums

View Threads, New Posts, Subscribed Posts

Read Posts and Images in Posts

Read Private Messages

Make New Threads, Reply to Threads, Reply to PM's, Make new PM's