Qplaze - Age of Heroes VI: Shadow of Immortal
SE Versions

Game features:

The new tactical RPG-style fantasy:

- Political Cartoons in the world of fantasy story of betrayal, deception, bribery and lies but also the story of these heroes;
- A complex storyline and three possible endings game two explicit and one implicit;
- A new combat system and an opportunity to improve their forces in two ways;
- A new map which facilitates terrain orientation;
- Huge location for research abandoned the capital and its catacombs;
- Lots of new facilities taverns, military academies and shops
- More than 20 side quests and the various quests;
- New skills, influencing the style of the game reserve and charm;
- Ability to develop his character in several ways, influencing the style of game;
- Lots of characters with whom you can communicate, fight, or trade;
- Composite dialogue with the different options of answers, the atmosphere of abandoned city;
- More than a hundred different artifacts that are available for purchase, or received in battle.
- 12 unique types of troops available for hire, and even more enemies;
- 8 magic spells are available for development.

Thanx to @s123

SE K300 (128x128): 4shared

SE K500 (128x160): 4shared

SE W810 (176x220): 4shared

SE K800 (240x320): 4shared