One of my clients needed 120 BlackBerry's but were on a budget. Despite my clout with AT&T I couldn't negotiate more favorable hardware pricing on the 9700 as I originally wanted to.

I went ahead and ordered 120 new 8520's all which were free and AT&T gave them an additional $125 credit for each new line of service after a little back and forth bartering to pull them away from Sprint.

I thought they felt a little cheap in hand, but so far users have responded well to them. These users are not technical by any means. Most of them are sales reps in the real estate/mortgage industry and their biggest gripe with the older Curve series was the dirty trackballs that got stuck all the time. No complaints either from the big fingered users just yet about the smaller keyboard. They were used to the 8703e series (CDMA).

They're on the BES which is pretty locked down. No 3rd party apps allowed but the good thing about this is that they don't run into the freezing up problems associated with users who download too many apps for the device to handle smoothly.

Anyone else on here support large enterprise accounts who use this device? How do your clients / employees like it or dislike it?