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Thread: **Please read before posting here** (Updated 4/1/2017)

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    Lightbulb **Please read before posting here** (Updated 4/1/2017)

    Please follow these guidelines when posting a request here:

    • One thread per request. One request per thread
    • Please check the gallery first to ensure that the desired avatar doesn't already exist
    • Please check existing threads to ensure that the desired avatar hasn't already been requested
    • Post the exact name of the desired avatar (manufacturer name, phone model, logo, etc.)
    • Link to or attach a sample image of the desired avatar if necessary for clarity
    • Please limit your requests to mobile phones and mobile phone related items
    • We do not make or upload custom avatars for individual users
    • Requests must be for items in their standard configuration. We cannot accommodate requests for items inside of cases, covers, with accessories, or with unique customizations. These are considered to be custom avatars. Premium Members may upload custom avatars of their own creation through the User Control Panel


    Some additional things to note:

    Please be patient, it may take us some time to fulfill your request. PM'ing us with complaints that the avatar hasn't become available as soon as desired or starting a new thread to re-request it won't make it appear any faster. Some requests may not be able to be fulfilled for various reasons.

    You may also want to consider becoming a Premium Member which, among other things, gives you the ability to use your own avatars.
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