Is there a way to fix the text alert problem? If I'm in a text conversation and someone sends me a text, I reply, they reply, ect. I close that window and I'm back at the "Today" screen and it shows I have X amount of unread texts. (-_-)

Not only does it show it as bold and the amount, when I got into that conversation it takes me to the 1st text they sent while I had that window open, which could be who knows 10 texts back sometimes.

So irritating and I would be very grateful if someone could help me with this. I know Windows 6.5 didn't fix this either. I had perviously had Palm OS for almost 6 years and am loving WinMo, but the fact that it can't tell I'm in that conversation and seeing those texts come in like Palm does is getting annoying.

Thank you in advance! ^_^