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Thread: LG Dare "Service Required" issue

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    LG Dare "Service Required" issue

    I began having this issue in Mid-December.

    I reached into my pocket to grab my phone and found the screen to say "Service Required." I took the phone to VZW store and they told me the PRL had been lost and they tried to flash it to no success. They ordered me a new phone which was delivered the next day.

    About a week later the replacement phone did the same thing with the same message. Went back to the VZW store and got the same answer. Ordered a new one and activated that one.

    About 2 weeks later the same problem again occurred. Went through the same process again.

    On Tuesday of this week I had the same problem. I went to the VZW store again and this time I wanted to get out of the Dare model and into something else. I am not eligible for an upgrade until May 27th so I was told that was not an option. I remember in the past that if you have 3 problems with the phone in a 90 day period they would switch you out to a different model but that would reset your upgrade date. When I asked about this the rep told me this was no longer true, but I was unsure that she was right. Long story short I had one more Dare at home so I activated that one and aobut 2 days later again came the dreaded "Service Required" message.

    This time I went to a different VZW location and asked what I could do. The rep there was 10 times more helpful. She asked different techs if they had seen this problem and also looked for it in the database of issues. She did find 2 occurrences of it, but there was no resolution. She gave me the options of getting a replacement Dare, taking an Env3 and using that until May 27th (Although I didn't do this because I was worried it would reset my upgrade date) or using another line on our account that was eligible for an early upgrade but pay an extra $100. I decided just to get the replacement Dare for now and hope my luck ends.

    Anyways my question is has anyone seen this issue multiple times? I would really like to upgrade out of this phone and I'm willing to pay the 2 year price that is no problem. I am thinking of writing an email to customer service because I would like to see if there is any way I could move my upgrade date up and get this over with.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated and sorry for the long post!!

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    my phone gave me that error and I managed to do a reset to get rid of it but it came right back in a few weeks. Now I can't get it to reset