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Thread: UMA WORKING!! Unlocked Bell 9700 -> Rogers Talkspot! OMG

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    Basically I read a bunch of other forums threads for getting UMA working on other providers in Europe, and so once you have the Engineering Screen up go to "Mobile Network Engineering Screens", then "Utilities ...", then "Session Manager", then hit the menu button and go to "UMA Options", hit the menu button again and go to "Add Rogers UMA profiles" and it'll inject the Rogers certificates and profile (it may ask you to create a cert store profile w/ password, just go ahead and do that). You will then have "Rogers" in your UMA list. Select it and then go back and hit Save.

    Then make sure your cell radio and wifi is turned on still and go back to the main menu of the Engineering Screen and go to the "Multi-WAF Engineering Screens", then "Radio Control Engineering Screen", then "3GPP", and what I did was mess around in here by changing the 4 "Unknowns" to "Enabled", "Enabled", "Enabled", "GAN", and then go down to "Set RAT Configuration" and click on it. And that did it... (EDIT: It should be "Disabled", "Disabled", "Enabled", "GAN" - this seems to work better after trying 4 or 5 more times)

    I'm not sure if I did anything else, just like Inclemental I messed around in here a lot... wait for Lothario80's final instructions for more details and I'm sure he has more specifics on what exactly the settings need to be... mines definitely not working perfectly yet.

    Props to you Lothario80 for all your hard work on this! You rule!

    Here are some other threads I've been following for months on this that helped me figure it out just now (no way it would be possible without Lothario80 though!):

    Heading home now. I'll be back in an hour or so to check on the progress here Exciting stuff! Can't wait to see how it works at home on my Rogers internet connection (we have a wireless internet connection at work so its not as good as it'll be at home for UMA).
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